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Man and Culture

Anatomy Theatre as a Part of History of Visual Information Carriers

Sal'nikova Ekaterina Viktorovna

Doctor of Cultural Studies

Leading research assistant at State Institute of Art Studies

Kozitskii per., 5

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The article is devoted to changes in understanding of death and perception of human body in XVI - XVII centuries. The author describes the semantics of the death image at the turn of middle ages and Renaissance. The author also explains the difference between the Death Dance and Anatomy Theatre. The author draws our attention to the relation between development of anatomy and technological revolutions leading to creation of modern electronic information carriers. One of the motivations of creating information carriers is assumed to be a man's starvation for symbolic overcoming of physical death. 

Keywords: cultural studies, information, anatomy theatre, forensic dissection, carrier, body, death dance, electronic technologies, technological revolution, secularization
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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