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Man and Culture

Symbolic exchange, death, and mystery of gift

Spektor David Mikhailovich

PhD in Architecture

Docent, the department of Architecture, Moscow State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

109451 Russia, Moscow, 3-ya Kabelnaya 1

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Abstract: The subject of this article is the symbolic exchange in its connection with “death” and mystery of gift. The author thoroughly examines such aspects of the topic as archaic equivalence of the value and sacred object of the exchangeable females. Special attention is given to the primary nature of sacrifice that is not the subject of exchange (with gods, dead, etc.), but inspires the “state of enthusiasm” and justifies the (secondary) value of exchangeable things (value). Sacrificial offering on one hand, and exogamy on the other, if meticulously reconstructed, allows re-creating the gift-exchange logic – a substrate of human subjectivity, realized by the inter-communal relationship. The method of this research is associated with the analysis and historical reconstruction of the gift, sacrifice, and symbolic exchange. Its logical counterpoint lies in criticism of the existing interpretations. The scientific novelty consists in proof of the fact that the act of exchange “generates the surplus value”, transforming the object (women) from the given into impersonal and generalized “consumer product” as the primary prototype of “commodity”, in which the common property – usefulness – dominates over the singular specificity. Without having understood of the initial profit of exchange, it is impossible to understand the development of its forms.

Keywords: inter-communal relations, death, exogamy, initiation, community, victim, gift, Exchange, goods, surplus value
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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