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Man and Culture

Synthesis of painting, literature, and calligraphy in the album leafs of Shitao

Odinokova Polina Sergeevna

Post-graduate student, the department of History of Arts of Ancient and Medieval Times, Russian State University for Humanities; Teacher of Chinese Language, Lyceum No. 1535

125993, Russia, Moscow, Chayanova Street 15, building #5




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The subject of this research is the album leafs of Shitao. Album format is one of the ways of mounting the oeuvres of the traditional Chinese painting that established and consolidated quite late, in the era of Song dynasty. On the brink of Ming and Qing dynasties landscape albums with poetic titles-topics gained popularity. Shitao combined in himself not only the talents of painter, but also calligrapher and poet. He left an outstanding creative heritage, the significant portion of which comprise the works of album format. This article conducts the historical-culturological analysis of Shitao’s album leafs that can be referred to as his earliest creative period. The author makes the conclusion that the synthesis of painting, calligraphy, and literature in these oeuvres is carried out on several levels: the techniques of brushing and ink, plasticity of forms, and compositional structure. This article presents a broader and more detailed experience of Shitao’s all-encompassing creative work on the example of album leafs.

Keywords: Sheeta, traditional Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy, poetry, synthesis, album sheet, Qing era, landscape, flowers, birds, painting intellectuals
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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