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Man and Culture

Culture TV: pluses and minuses

Trofimova Galina Anatol'evna

Expert, Scientific Research Association "Legal Initiative"

664074 Russia, Irkutsk Oblast, Lermontova Street 8-1

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The subject of the cultural process always since its inception was television. It plays an important role today. Meanwhile, it seems, television itself as a cultural community must meet certain principles: to show due respect for the audience, to the country's history, traditions and customs of the people living in it.However, the cultural aspect of modern television has both positive and negative features. Their study and author has devoted his article. To implement this goal used methods of formal analysis, comparison, modeling and observation. As a result of research the author has identified the main advantages of modern television and called it the defects related to the quality of the show, the choice of subjects shows and movies, using works of literature and cinema have long since become the cultural heritage of the people.It was concluded that the need to address the shortcomings of television show. And offered as a necessary action to create a kind of respect for the interests of the Code of spectators and follow him, as well as the proper administration of the national legislation.

Keywords: television production., consumer protection, misrepresentation, copyright protection, the requirements for a TV presenter, television culture, television, culture of speech, advertising, television defects
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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