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Publications of Los' Viktor Aleksandrovich
Philosophical Thought, 2014-2
Los' V.A. - Dynamics of the Modern System of Environmental Knowledge: Between Biologism, Sociologism and Globalism pp. 1-36


Abstract: The author makes an attempt of identification of evolution of social-and-ecological knowledge according to which "biologism" of traditional ecology for the XX century is steadily supplemented with its "sociologism". The ecology with which contacts not only detection of regularities of relationship of live organisms with Wednesday, but also the analysis of specifics and features of relationship of the person (and society) environment is a question of continuous expansion of a subject. In the 70-80th years the idea of ecological development (as an alternative to traditional economic growth) in a scientific form was structured in the form of social ecology as disciplines (or systems of scientific knowledge) about rather general regularities of relationship of the person, society and the biosphere. Since the beginning of the 90th years the ecological context becomes a component of the theory (strategy) of a sustainable development as the reply of the world scientific community to a sharpening of world biospheric intensity. Later the tendency of global integration of modern scientific knowledge (and efforts of society) for the analysis is distinctly shown and overcoming of contradictions of global scale the Ecological knowledge at the present stage of its development is a phenomenon of immanently integrated type which subject field unites subsystems of fundamental and applied knowledge; elements of the natural, technical and social sciences reduced in a whole of ideas of a survival of the person (and mankind) in historical prospect.
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