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Publications of Gelman Viktor
Psychologist, 2021-6
Gelman V. - The specificity of cerebral lateralization in perception of emotional intonation of speech among children with special abilities pp. 52-60


Abstract: Much attention has been recently given to examination of developmental peculiarities of cognitive processes of children and adolescents with special abilities. The goal lies in comparative study of the ontogenetic peculiarities of cerebral mechanisms underlying the processing of emotional information in children who are engaged in extracurricular musical and mathematical activities. The sampling included the children engaged in additional activities and the control group, and consisted of the three age groups: 7-10 year, 10-13 years, and 14-17 years. In the conducted experimental studies, the respondents had to identify the emotional intonation of speech in the given phrase. The study revealed the significant ontogenetic differences in perception of emotional prosody of speech between the control group and the children engaged in additional activities. In the group of children of 7-13 years, who are engaged in additional classes, the predominant activity of left hemisphere testifies to the specificity of inter-hemispheric connections in the perception of emotional information. The dependence of the effects of cerebral lateralization on age was analogous in the groups of children engaged in mathematical and musical activities; and differed from the results of the control group, which allows claiming that the interinfluence of mathematical and musical skills is to a certain extent explained by the peculiarities of developmental age of cerebral lateralization in childhood and adolescence.
Modern Education, 2021-4
Gelman V. - pp. 38-46


Modern Education, 2020-4
Gelman V., Yuldashev Z.M. - The peculiarities of remote defense of graduate thesis at the university pp. 28-36


Abstract: The subject of this research is the examination of peculiarities organization of the work of the state exam board with regards to remote defense of graduate thesis at the university, and possible ways to overcome the emerging difficulties. The article utilizes and analyzes the data of scientific publications and generalized practical experience of the authors participating in the state exam board and its organization. The analysis involved 48 Master’s Degree graduates and 61 Bachelor’s Degree graduates of the Department of Biotechnical Systems of Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University. The cloud-based platform was used for holding remote online video conferences and Zoom meetings in the extended version. The novelty of this study lies in comprehensive examination of such aspects as preparation of the state exam board, information materials, general procedure for remote thesis defense, peculiarities of issuing grades, need for demarcation of responsibilities between the members of boar, changes in in the work of the members of state exam board, its chairman and secretary. Special attention is given to the methods for preventing violations in technical support of remote thesis defense and measures for ensuring their security. The conclusion is made that the proper organization can help to successfully overcome the difficulties emerge thereof.
Modern Education, 2019-2
Gelman V. - Improvement of the forms of performance monitoring in a university pp. 52-57


Abstract: The subject of this research is the transformation of the performance monitoring system of university students due to implementation of the teaching concept “self-study – solution – verification – correction”. The article analyzes the forms of control of knowledge, competences and skills of the students in the aforementioned conditions, and marks the possible ways for improving such forms of control. Special attention is turned to the increase of educational function of control along with the role of current practical monitoring, including individual ongoing monitoring. Methodological foundation contains the analysis of scientific publications, expert evaluation, and generalized practical experience in determining the key trends and issues, emerging in realization of performance monitoring. The article defines the peculiarities of individual interview in the course of practical training. Effectiveness of the method of successive approximations in educational function of the ongoing monitoring is revealed. The corresponding changes of final control are demonstrated. It is concluded that transformation of the learning concept leads to the need for adjusting the approaches towards performance monitoring of the students, and primarily, the ongoing monitoring.
Modern Education, 2018-3
Gelman V., Lan'ko S.V., Serdyukov Y.P. - Organization of the IT postgraduate education in continuous medical education pp. 41-50


Abstract: The subject of this research is the organization of educational process in IT postgraduate training in terms of continuous medical education. Therewith, the cycles of improvements in the context of the system of continuous medical education become separate modules of the modular approach. This requires the organization of educational process in the indicated circumstances. Therefore, the goal of this research is the identification of problems and tasks occurring in organization of IT training for medical workers, their analysis and possible ways of solution. Expert assessment and generalized practical experience are used in determination of the key trends and issues emerging in organization of educational process. Moreover, the questionnaire survey of the trainees is conducted in the course of the specifically organized examinations. As a result, the author determines the requirements imposed upon the organization of educational process, as well as demonstrates the possible ways of solution of the arising questions. Suggesting the ways for their solution, the authors assume that it will allow increasing the efficiency of organization of educational process in postgraduate continuous training. Part of the recommendations can also be valuable for other academic departments.
Modern Education, 2017-2
Gelman V. - Optimization of learning rate in group education pp. 36-43


Abstract: The subject of this research is the group education. Separation of students into groups based on the rare of learning challenges the educator with a choice of the tempo of teaching. Faster rate of resenting the curriculum than the individual’s ability to process it leads to some gaps in retention of information. The level of information loss depends on both, the speed at which the material is presented, as well as the type of the academic discipline. The article sets out to determine the optimal speed for teaching of group education. It is demonstrated that the optimal index of rate of presentation of information is not fixed; it depends on the type of allocation of ability to retain knowledge, the spread of students in the group based on the rate of learning, as well as the index of minimal rate of information retention. The greater the spread of rate of information retention in the group and the lower the index of learning of the weakest student, the closer to the median index of speed of information retention is the optimal rate of delivery of the learning material; while the lower the spread and higher the rate of information retention of the weakest student, the greater the rate of delivery of the material must cover the students, attempting to fully cover all students within group.
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