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Publications of Dzhanabi Yakub Sabikh
World Politics, 2022-1
Dzhanabi Y.S. - The internal causes of Iraqi political instability after 2003 pp. 72-79


Abstract: This research topic is discussed in order to analyze the phenomenon of political instability in Iraq after 2003, in terms of the basic concept, origins and mechanisms of its resolution. There is a large variety of objects that can be researched. Firstly, the objective of subjectivity: It is linked to my, the researcher's, desire to discuss the phenomenon of political instability in Iraq after 2003 as part of my particular specialization in Iraqi affairs. Secondly, there are scientific objectives. I feel that there is insufficient research and analysis regarding this topic. Thirdly, impartial objectives: I seek to find effective resolutions to the political instability phenomenon, which has continued to have a negative impact on quality of life for Iraqis. The results of this research should be placed in the hands of political decision makers as it presents some feasible solutions that could help leaders choose the best path forward to resolve this phenomenon. Syllabus: The study was conducted on the basis of a systemic analytical approach based on inputs and outputs. Problem: The main concern of this work is the answer to the following questions: What led to political instability in Iraq after 2003? the novelty of the study lies in the fact that, they are aimed at the root of most of Iraq's problems. The study time frame is from 2003 to the present. The spatial framework of research is the country of Iraq.
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