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Publications of Gorchakova Olesya Yur'evna
Sociodynamics, 2022-2
Fakhretdinova A.P., Larionova A.V., Gorchakova O.Y. - Civil-political activity of youth: general characteristics and peculiarities of its manifestation in the Internet environment pp. 1-12


Abstract: The subject of this research is the peculiarities of civil-political activity of youth. The relevance is substantiated by instability of meaning-forming ideals, loss of identity (including civil) by young people, change of values in public and individual consciousness in the conditions of social transformation and sociopolitical contradictions. Emphasis is places on people’s interaction with the dynamic and rapidly changing world in the era of digitalization, globalization, and sociopolitical instability, which entails the emergence of destructive manifestations in various forms of civil-political activity. The goal lies in determination of the peculiarities of civil-political activity and examination of the motives and methods of engaging youth in offline and online practices of civil-political activity. The empirical base of this research involves 639 university students in the city of Tomsk. The acquired result elucidate a range of important issues regarding the desire of young people to be engaged in political life of the country and show interest in political events. The article outlines the main forms of civil-political activity, most common of which are voting in elections, participation in online petitions and online protests. The article considers the most effective practices of online civil-political activity from the perspective of youth: creation of content on political topic, involvement of young influencers to political issues, inclusion of youth in solution of socially and politically important issues of society and rewarding them for being active, establishment of independent youth communities for free communication on political topics, etc.
Psychologist, 2021-5
Gorchakova O.Y., Larionova A.V., Obukhovskaya V.B., Kozlova N.V. - Study of the economic behavior of an individual: correlation between psychological characteristics and monetary attitudes pp. 18-35


Abstract: The subject of this research is the monetary attitudes (financial prudence, money worship, money as socioeconomic status, money anxiety) and monetary relations (attitude to money, representations of monetary behavior). The goal of this article is to examine the specificity of monetary attitudes of an individual, and trace their correlation with psychological characteristics of an individual (risk tolerance and resilience). The research involves 371 respondents, median age of 34.5 years. Research methodology is based on the following instruments: “Scale of Monetary Attitudes” adapted by D. A. Bayazitova and T. A. Lapshova; “Reselience Test  adapted by E. N. Osin and E. I. Rasskazova; “Diagnostics of the Level of Individual Readiness for Risk” adapted by E. P. Ilyin; Zuckerman Sensation-Seeking Scale; essay “My Monetary Behavior”. As a result of the conducted research, description is given to the concept of “monetary behavior”, characteristics of value-semantic attitude towards money of the respondents, and the level of risk behavior in monetary terms. It is established that risky consumer behavior of a person implies the tendency to making “uncontrolled” purchases in the context of systematic money scarcity and pattern of debt (credit) behavior. The author determines that high value of monetary resource is negatively interrelated with the resilience indicators. It is demonstrated that such monetary attitudes as “excessive prudence”, “money worship”, “money anxiety”, “strive for higher socioeconomic status " are accompanied by self-doubt and disbelief in oneself in the situations of risk and uncertainty.
Psychology and Psychotechnics, 2021-4
Gorchakova O.Y., Larionova A.V., Kozlova N.V. - Modern economic behavior: attitudes, representations and psychological characteristics of youth pp. 15-32


Abstract: The subject of this research is the peculiarities of economic behavior, namely economic attitudes (activity in the economic sphere, financial literacy, trust in economic institutions, etc.) and representations (concept of money, shortage of money resources, financial security, solutions to financial problems). The goal lies in determination and description of the economic behavior (economic attitudes and perception of money) and their correlation with the psychological characteristics of young people (self-regulation of stressful states and resilience). The research involved young people under the age of 35. The following toolset was used: “Questionnaire for instant diagnostics of economic attitudes” developed by O. S. Deinek, E. V. Zabelina, “Diagnostics of stress condition” developed by A. O. Prokhorov, “Test for resilience” adapted by E. N. Osin, E. I. Rasskazova.. As a result of the conducted research, the author determines various patterns of the economic behavior of youth, as well as correlation of economic attitudes and perception of money with the psychological resources of a person. It is established that youth with an active economic position, financial literacy, and trust in economic institutions is characterized with the ability to adequately assess stressful circumstances and effectively cope with stress. Youth with an attitude towards socioeconomic comparison of own opportunities with others, as well as with passive adaptation to the market conditions experiences strong discomfort due to economic inequality. The author reveals that young people are exposed to stressful situations and anxiety in the situations of uncertainty and financial risks.
Philology: scientific researches, 2021-3
Gorchakova O.Y., Larionova A.V., Aleksandrova Y.K., Petrov E.Y. - The peculiarities of sociopolitical news discourse on the example of regional news public pages in the social network VKontakte pp. 1-17


Abstract: The subject of this research is the news content of public pages in the social network VKontakte. The goal consists in examination of peculiarities of organization of the regional news discourse, comparison of Tomsk and Novosibirsk news public pages. For achieving the set goal, the article employs the methods of qualitative (manual coding and machine learning) and quantitative data processing (content analysis, thematic analysis, psycholinguistic analysis). The empirical material contains regional news reports on sociopolitical topics, available for public viewing in the social network VKontakte (Tomsk and Novosibirsk). Analysis is conducted on the 3,786 postings in Novosibirsk and 887 postings in Tomsk. The author determines peculiarities and differences of media consumption depending on the region. It is noted that the federal news enjoy greater popularity among the users of the social network VKontakte; Tomsk residents are more concerned with the news reports covering regional events. The article reveals the specifics of creating news content characterized by the tendency towards narrativization of the news discourse. The prevalent narrative strategy of the media authors of regional news public pages consists in factual interpretation of the material with responses of high-ranking officials, authorized representatives of various structures, as well as regular persons (their opinions and attitudes, value judgments).
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