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Publications of Boyarkina Anna Vladimirovna
International relations, 2017-1
Boyarkina A.V., Mefod'eva S.A., Kuz'mina O.V. - Chinas soft power strategy in relation to the foreign policy of North Korea pp. 79-89


Abstract: The paper studies China’s soft power influence on the foreign policy and cultural diplomacy of the DPR Korea. The purpose of the study is to demonstrate how the Korean leadership, using the soft power instruments in economic, cultural and political spheres, influences North Korea. The authors also attempt at finding out if North Korea has any soft power. The authors emphasize that Chinese diplomats and officials effectively support North Korea’s foreign policy. In this context, the Chinese leadership, calling upon the peaceful settlement of the conflict that would take into account the interests of both Korean states, pursues foreign policy toward its neighbors aimed at preservation of peace and easing of tensions in the region. The research method is the comparative analysis of the two soft power concepts of China and North Korea. American military threat is the most important factor of achievement of this goal. The China’s soft power effect on North Korea is weakened by the hard power threat from the US. The Western scholars believe that one of the strategic tasks of the Chinese government is the prevention of economic and humanitarian collapse of North Korea. The Chinese scholars believe that the “soft power” impact on the DPR Korea is strictly limited. The preservation of political status-quo in North Korea is the integral part of China’s foreign policy strategy. The North Korean problem hasn’t been solved yet, but China’s policy and operative measures, not working yet, could be a step in the right direction. 
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