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Publications of Bobrova Galina Vladimirovna
Modern Education, 2020-4
Bobrova G.V. - Vocational pedagogical education in the area of physical culture Ц reality and prospects pp. 49-57


Abstract: The problem articulated in this article is associated with the role of physical education within the modern system of education, its value potential and difficulties currently experienced by this branch. The role of physical education consists in the development of physical culture of an individual and the related components of basic personality culture, solution of social and public tasks. The subject of this research is the sphere of physical culture and supply of professional personnel. Physical education instructors should possess personal and professional competences for working with children and teaching sports; such profession imposes numerous requirements that have to be fulfilled by a specialist. The established situation affects the human resource potential in this sphere and prospects overall. The conducted empirical research reveal correlation between the importance of the subject of “physical culture” in school and popularity of the specialty of physical culture among graduates. It was determined the students’ attitude on the subject of “physical culture” in many ways depends on personality of the pedagogue. At the same time, in modern school, the pedagogues face pressure from the school community, which reduces the importance of this subject and its educational potential. All of these facts shape students’ opinion on the profession of physical culture instructor as an unpromising specialty. The school experience of physical culture later manifests in the university. The conclusion is made on the shortage of specialists that meet the demands of profession in the area of physical culture on the current job market. The solution of this problem may be found through heightening interest of the youth to this profession through the development of stable positive attitude towards physical culture.
Modern Education, 2019-2
Bobrova G.V., Ivanov A.V. - Military-applied training as a structural component of continuing specialized military education of the cadets pp. 58-64


Abstract: The object of this research is the educational activity of the cadet schools. The objectives pursued in educational process of the cadets, as well as the fundamental purpose of the formation of military colleges of pre-university tutorial of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation have a number of discrepancies. Educational activity of the cadet schools is conducted in accordance with the Federal State Education Standard and does not suggest the specialized military component; while the goal of the similar educational facilities lies in pre-entry training of the young men for military institutions of higher education of the country, which implies possession of the basic skills of military profession. The article examines the peculiarities of implementation of the specialized military disciplines into the curriculum of academic subject “physical education”. The empirical research (questionnaire, interview) are aimed at studying the cadets’ attitude towards the tasks of military-applied character, as well as the need for their implementation into the training process. The goal of the article consists in determining which disciplines are in most demand among the cadets of different age groups. The research results allow structuring the system of physical education in the cadet school, considering the specialized military program in accordance with age interests of the students, which would increase their preparedness level for entering the military institutions of higher education.
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