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Publications of Dzidzoev Ruslan Mukharbekovich
Law and Politics, 2020-9
Dzidzoev R.M. - The questions of organization of state power in new revision of the Constitution of the Russian Federation pp. 156-166


Abstract: The subject of this research is the organization of state power in Russia in light of the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation introduced in 2020 that require systematic scientific assessment. The object of this research is the legal acts that laid groundwork for the constitutional reform in Russia: Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation of January 15, 2020,  Law on Amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, Opinion of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation on correspondence of the amendment to the current Constitution of Russia. The author examines the content of the constitutional amendments, their reference with legal logic and requirements for the constitutional progress in Russia. The following conclusions were formulated: the significance and magnitude of the recent constitutional amendments allows speaking of the large-scale constitutional reform that adumbrates the new stage of constitutional evolution in Russia that results in the reform of state superstructure; constitutional amendments noticeably changes the configuration of state power with regards to ratio of the branches of power, checks and balances, objects and redistribution of the institutions of state power, which testifies to transition of the Russian Federation from semi-presidential (presidential-parliamentary) form of government towards presidential, characterized by dominant role of the President within the state system. The novelty of this research lies in analysis of the new constitutional provisions that describe the content of the Russian constitutional reform in the aspect of characteristics of the leading institutions of state power.
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