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Publications of Odintsov Alexander Vladimirovich
Sociodynamics, 2019-10
Odintsov A.V. - Major risks of implementation of Уsmart cityФ concept pp. 1-8


Abstract: This article is dedicated to studying the concept of “smart city” as special case of e-government. The specificity and description of the phenomenon of e-government in the various research approaches is analyzed. Particular attention is given to examination of the “smart city” concept, its key characteristics, correlation with the “big data” phenomenon, as well as main tasks, which solution lies in implementation of the “smart city”. The author analyzes the major risks emerging in terms of practical implementation of the “smart city” concept. The conclusions are structured on the analysis of the relevant Russian and foreign publications on the topic of “smart city” and “e-government”. The following main threats to realization of the “smart city” determined within the framework is this work: the growth of digital inequality and occurrence of a new instrument of strict control risk of excluding the townspeople from the process of decision-making; the risk of substituting of actual agenda with interests of the elites; the risk of replacement of social and political agenda by the technical questions; disregards of peculiarities of each individual city; technical risks.
Sociodynamics, 2019-9
Odintsov A.V. - Cultural heritage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in the perception of student youth pp. 53-63


Abstract: The object of this research is the cultural heritage of the group stage of 2018 FIFA World Cup in Volgograd. The subject of this research is the perception of student youth with regards to this event. Special attention is given to the elements of cultural heritage, impact upon the image of the city, which before was strongly associated with the Battle of Stalingrad. The research also analyzes the attitude of the locals towards foreign guests, as well as the dynamic of stereotypes of the foreigners to Russia overall. The empirical method became the mass questionnaire-based survey with total sample of N=746; confidence interval does not exceed 3.7%. The results demonstrate that the respondents associate the cultural heritage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup primarily with inflow of spending and development; the increase in investments to the region is more noticeable that the positive changes in image of the country and the region. Despite hosting a groups stage of the 2018 FIFA in Volgograd, the Battle of Stalingrad and dedicated to it memorial complexes remain to be the most significant element of the city.
Sociodynamics, 2018-1
Odintsov A.V. - The experience of databases integration of the public opinion survey pp. 15-20


Abstract:  The object of this research is the databases collected in the course of studying the public opinion, the specificity of which lies in the presence of different variables, application of wide range of scales, as well as diverse levels of representativity. The subject of this research is the relational integration of databases of heterogeneous qualitative sociological surveys and possibility of such type of unification. The article provides the gradual procedures of relational integration, results of a specific experiment aimed at verification of data of the procedures, as well as reveals the peculiarities and capabilities of databases integration of mass surveys. The following methods were used: relational integration of database, statistical grouping, correlational analysis, separate elements of intellectual analysis of the data. The author describes the experience of full-scale integration of the data acquired from the diverse sociological research into the single base file with partial properties of ‘BigData’. The article provides the results of the firs-ever within the national practice of experiment aimed at integration of databases of the qualitative sociological surveys, conducted on the basis of various techniques, with application of different measuring procedures.  
Sociodynamics, 2017-3
Odintsov A.V. - Corruption, informality, and perception of justice in modern Russian society: based on the results of sociological research pp. 35-46


Abstract:  The modern sociological research of corruption and information usually concentrate the attention on the scale of distribution of these phenomena and ways of overcoming. At the same time, the functions that they can realize in societies that are in transitional state (quasi-modern, estate, etc.) are being ignored. The author suggests to examine informality and corruption from the perspective of their role in support of the social order, which can be revealed through the concepts of “justification” and “justice”. The hypotheses were tested as result of the sociological research that consisted of two stages: qualitative (n=50) in form of in-depth interview, as well as quantitative (n=700) realized using CATI. During the course of this work, it was established that the perception of society as corrupted and the understanding of justification of corruption are in positive correlation. The hypothesis of S. Kordonsky on perception of the Russian society as the “estate society” with the distinct role of corruption in form of “rent-seeking behavior”, partially found its confirmation.  
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