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Publications of Larionova Anastasiya Vyacheslavovna
Sociodynamics, 2022-2
Fakhretdinova A.P., Larionova A.V., Gorchakova O.Y. - Civil-political activity of youth: general characteristics and peculiarities of its manifestation in the Internet environment pp. 1-12


Abstract: The subject of this research is the peculiarities of civil-political activity of youth. The relevance is substantiated by instability of meaning-forming ideals, loss of identity (including civil) by young people, change of values in public and individual consciousness in the conditions of social transformation and sociopolitical contradictions. Emphasis is places on people’s interaction with the dynamic and rapidly changing world in the era of digitalization, globalization, and sociopolitical instability, which entails the emergence of destructive manifestations in various forms of civil-political activity. The goal lies in determination of the peculiarities of civil-political activity and examination of the motives and methods of engaging youth in offline and online practices of civil-political activity. The empirical base of this research involves 639 university students in the city of Tomsk. The acquired result elucidate a range of important issues regarding the desire of young people to be engaged in political life of the country and show interest in political events. The article outlines the main forms of civil-political activity, most common of which are voting in elections, participation in online petitions and online protests. The article considers the most effective practices of online civil-political activity from the perspective of youth: creation of content on political topic, involvement of young influencers to political issues, inclusion of youth in solution of socially and politically important issues of society and rewarding them for being active, establishment of independent youth communities for free communication on political topics, etc.
Psychologist, 2021-5
Gorchakova O.Y., Larionova A.V., Obukhovskaya V.B., Kozlova N.V. - Study of the economic behavior of an individual: correlation between psychological characteristics and monetary attitudes pp. 18-35


Abstract: The subject of this research is the monetary attitudes (financial prudence, money worship, money as socioeconomic status, money anxiety) and monetary relations (attitude to money, representations of monetary behavior). The goal of this article is to examine the specificity of monetary attitudes of an individual, and trace their correlation with psychological characteristics of an individual (risk tolerance and resilience). The research involves 371 respondents, median age of 34.5 years. Research methodology is based on the following instruments: “Scale of Monetary Attitudes” adapted by D. A. Bayazitova and T. A. Lapshova; “Reselience Test  adapted by E. N. Osin and E. I. Rasskazova; “Diagnostics of the Level of Individual Readiness for Risk” adapted by E. P. Ilyin; Zuckerman Sensation-Seeking Scale; essay “My Monetary Behavior”. As a result of the conducted research, description is given to the concept of “monetary behavior”, characteristics of value-semantic attitude towards money of the respondents, and the level of risk behavior in monetary terms. It is established that risky consumer behavior of a person implies the tendency to making “uncontrolled” purchases in the context of systematic money scarcity and pattern of debt (credit) behavior. The author determines that high value of monetary resource is negatively interrelated with the resilience indicators. It is demonstrated that such monetary attitudes as “excessive prudence”, “money worship”, “money anxiety”, “strive for higher socioeconomic status " are accompanied by self-doubt and disbelief in oneself in the situations of risk and uncertainty.
Psychology and Psychotechnics, 2021-4
Gorchakova O.Y., Larionova A.V., Kozlova N.V. - Modern economic behavior: attitudes, representations and psychological characteristics of youth pp. 15-32


Abstract: The subject of this research is the peculiarities of economic behavior, namely economic attitudes (activity in the economic sphere, financial literacy, trust in economic institutions, etc.) and representations (concept of money, shortage of money resources, financial security, solutions to financial problems). The goal lies in determination and description of the economic behavior (economic attitudes and perception of money) and their correlation with the psychological characteristics of young people (self-regulation of stressful states and resilience). The research involved young people under the age of 35. The following toolset was used: “Questionnaire for instant diagnostics of economic attitudes” developed by O. S. Deinek, E. V. Zabelina, “Diagnostics of stress condition” developed by A. O. Prokhorov, “Test for resilience” adapted by E. N. Osin, E. I. Rasskazova.. As a result of the conducted research, the author determines various patterns of the economic behavior of youth, as well as correlation of economic attitudes and perception of money with the psychological resources of a person. It is established that youth with an active economic position, financial literacy, and trust in economic institutions is characterized with the ability to adequately assess stressful circumstances and effectively cope with stress. Youth with an attitude towards socioeconomic comparison of own opportunities with others, as well as with passive adaptation to the market conditions experiences strong discomfort due to economic inequality. The author reveals that young people are exposed to stressful situations and anxiety in the situations of uncertainty and financial risks.
Sociodynamics, 2021-3
Larionova A.V., Gorchakova O.Y., Fakhretdinova A.P. - The peculiarities of student activity on the Internet: experience of destructive communication and safety issues pp. 12-22


Abstract: The subject of this research is the peculiarities of destructive communication of youth in the Internet environment. The authors examine the emergence of new social practices and forms of activity within the information digital space, which are characterized by destructive content and pose a threat to the safety of young people. The goal is to explore the most common forms of student activity in the Internet environment, experience of network destructive communication and its negative impact upon safe online interaction (communication) of students. The article employs qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection (focus group and questionnaire); 443 students of Tomsk universities were engaged in the survey. The author reviews most popular forms of youth on the Internet, as well as determines the peculiarities of students’ representations on the safe networking. The students highlight the following key factors of safe communication on the Internet are: the topic of communication, personality of the opponents, behavioral patterns, and freedom of self-expression. Majority of students have experience with destructive communication on the Internet; however, they do not seek to use the effective strategies to protect themselves from its negative influence. The prevailing strategies are ignoring and observing. The author takes the political content as one an example of most provocative destructive practices of online interaction.
Philology: scientific researches, 2021-3
Gorchakova O.Y., Larionova A.V., Aleksandrova Y.K., Petrov E.Y. - The peculiarities of sociopolitical news discourse on the example of regional news public pages in the social network VKontakte pp. 1-17


Abstract: The subject of this research is the news content of public pages in the social network VKontakte. The goal consists in examination of peculiarities of organization of the regional news discourse, comparison of Tomsk and Novosibirsk news public pages. For achieving the set goal, the article employs the methods of qualitative (manual coding and machine learning) and quantitative data processing (content analysis, thematic analysis, psycholinguistic analysis). The empirical material contains regional news reports on sociopolitical topics, available for public viewing in the social network VKontakte (Tomsk and Novosibirsk). Analysis is conducted on the 3,786 postings in Novosibirsk and 887 postings in Tomsk. The author determines peculiarities and differences of media consumption depending on the region. It is noted that the federal news enjoy greater popularity among the users of the social network VKontakte; Tomsk residents are more concerned with the news reports covering regional events. The article reveals the specifics of creating news content characterized by the tendency towards narrativization of the news discourse. The prevalent narrative strategy of the media authors of regional news public pages consists in factual interpretation of the material with responses of high-ranking officials, authorized representatives of various structures, as well as regular persons (their opinions and attitudes, value judgments).
Pedagogy and education, 2021-1
Liventsova E.Y., Obukhovskaya V.B., Fakhretdinova A.P., Larionova A.V., Malkova I.Y. - Arrangement and conditions of professional activity of an educator: comparative analysis of work experience in Russian and foreign universities pp. 36-49


Abstract: The subject of this research is the conditions of professional activity of an educator viewed through the prism of arrangement of the university campus space (based on comparative analysis of work experience in Russian and foreign universities). The indispensable conditions of professional activity are as follows: spatial organization of campus including safety and comfort; organizational environment; quality of relationship with the subjects of campus; possibility for professional and personal growth; language and cultural environments. The research is based on the method of thematic essay. The study involved educators with work experience in Russian and foreign universities. The scientific novelty consists in identification of psychological factors responsible for the professional development and performance of educators within the educational space of a campus, which would allow elaborating the strategies and ways for optimization of these processes. In the course of research, it was established that for successful professional activity, an educator must feel physical and psychological comfort and safety within the campus environment. The efficiently arranged campus space affects the professional performance of educators. The comparison of Russian and foreign university campuses indicated that the foreign ones outclass in level of educational supplies and equipment, advanced digital environment, work schedule that promotes better efficiency. The acquired results can be used for optimization of the conditions of professional activity of educators and increasing competitiveness of a university.
Psychology and Psychotechnics, 2020-4
Larionova A.V., Liventsova E.Y., Fakhretdinova A.P., Kostyukova T.A. - Social-psychological factors of formation of polycultural identity of foreign students pp. 78-88


Abstract: This article describes the experience of studying social-psychological factors the impact the formation of polycultural identity of foreign students. The content of such concepts as “polyculturalism”, “ethnic identity” and “polycultural identity” is disclosed. The results of a series of research carried out in Tomsk in 2019-2020 are provided. A complete sample included 393 respondents (foreign students, Russian students, and educators of state universities of Tomsk). The following research methods were employed: questionnaire, interview, psychological assessment (method of ethnic identity of J. Finney and methodology of comprehensive examination of acculturation of J. Berry), statistical data analysis (descriptive statistics, frequency and correlation analyses). The scientific novelty of this work is defined by systemic approach towards determination of social-psychological factors (ethnic identity, attitude of accepting community, strategies of acculturation) that influence the formation of polycultural identity of foreign students, as well as the role played by each factor in the process of integration of migrants into the accepting society and its culture. The acquired results allow revealing the key barriers in the context of adaptation of educational migrants in the university, as well as making recommendations on their elimination. The authors establish correlation between the strategies of acculturation and the characteristics of ethnic identity of educational migrants, and determine the peculiarities of the attitude of accepting community towards educational migrants.
Man and Culture, 2019-6
Larionova A.V., Meshcheryakova E.I., Liventsova E.Y., Fakhretdinova A.P., Kostyukova T.A. - The problems of formation of environmental identity among education migrants (on the example of Tomsk) pp. 98-105


Abstract: The subject of this research is the techniques for integration of education migrants into the new sociocultural environment of the city and university. The authors review the problem of formation of environmental identity as a condition of increasing education migration in the region. The goal of this study consists in determination of factors substantiating the cluster of education migrants to the new sociocultural environment on the example of Tomsk universities. The research objectives are defined by examination of peculiarities of perception by education migrants of the city of Tomsk, as well as techniques of their adaptation to the new sociocultural environment. The author’s special contribution lies in consideration of the vectors of sociocultural adaptation of education migrants in the region. Based on the results of two-stage research, the author highlights the appealing and negative factors for increasing education migration to the region, as well as determines the strategies aimed at the development of comfort environment of the city as an educational space.
Psychology and Psychotechnics, 2018-4
Bocharov A.V., Meshcheryakova E.I., Larionova A.V. - Semantic Fields in Perceiving the Phenomenon of Extermism by Student Youth pp. 54-68


Abstract: The subject of the research is the peculiarities of student youth's perception of the phenomenon of extermism. The aim of the research is to discover the dependence of the the dependence of the perception of extremism by a group of young students on the socio-psychological factors for constructing a multidimensional typology of the perception of extremism by young people as the basis of psychological preventive measures. The features of the relationship between the results of the thematic and frequency content analysis of associations with extremism and personal characteristics of students have been identified. The study was based on the assumption that students' attitudes toward extremism depend on a combination of socio-psychological factors such as gender, age, family structure, profession, trust in people and society, meaningful life orientations, and the level of satisfaction with life. The interdisciplinary research model was based on the combination of psycholinguistic and psychodiagnostic measurements (LSS, Rosenberg Confidence Scale, Quality of Life Survey and Satisfaction Survey), associative experiment, content analysis, cross tabulation and cluster analysis. The hypothesis of the study: the attitude of young people to extremism depends on certain psychological systemic dependencies of associative and personal characteristics. As a result of the study, two invariant semantic concepts were identified: ideological, political and psychological associations. The identified semantic richness of associative fields demonstrates vagueness and inclusive uncertainty in the understanding of extremism among students. The clustering of psychodiagnostic variables and associations of extremism made it possible to isolate the similarities and differences in the understanding of extremism depending on gender, which must be taken into account when carrying out preventive measures for the spread of extremism. 
Psychology and Psychotechnics, 2018-1
Gridneva A.A., Larionova A.V., Meshcheryakova E.I. - Forming a Stress Resistance as Part of Psychological Support Program for Penitentiary Officers pp. 33-40


Abstract: The subject of the research is the formation of stress resistance to extreme situations that may be experienced by penitentiary officers during their service. Stress resistance is formed through combined effect of psychological training and audovisual stimulation. This research is the health psychology type of research and aimed at developing particular methods for psychological support and prevention of stress that may be experienced by penitentiary officers in extreme situations. The researchers create and test a psychological support program aimed at forming stress resistance of penitentiary officers. This program is usedat psychological centers of penitentiary organisations. Based on the aims and objectives ot the empirical research, the authors have used assessment methods, educational experiment, methods of qualitative and quantitative analysis of empirical data. The scientific novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the authors obtain new scientific data about developing stress resistance by teaching self-regulation skills and developing life-sense orientations. As a result of this program's approbation, the researchers have discovered that combination of training and audiovisual stimulation proves to be more efficient in formation of stress resistance as a mental health resource and significantly increases such indicators as life-sense orientations and stress resistance. 
Psychologist, 2016-4
Larionova A.V., Meshcheryakova E.I. - Extremist Orientation of Personality: Theoretical and Practical Research Issues pp. 140-153


Abstract: The subject of the research is the extremist orientation of personality viewed from the point of view of its components, values, motives, emotions, evaluations, cognitive and behavioral. The research is focused on the development of methodological grounds for studying the extremist orientation of personality and opportunitities to predict such orientation. The purpose of the research is to study the potential extremist oriengation of the youth which is understood as a presumptive declared opportunity/readiness of a student to participate in extremist activities under certain circumstances (certain environment or situation). Personal predictors of potential extremism among youth are defined by achieving research goals such as analysis of values, motives, emotions, evaluations, cognitive and behavioral components of the potential extremism orientation of personality as well as gender differences in declaring one's readiness to extremism. The research methods include: The Cultural-Values Differential Inventory offered by G. U. Soldatova (1998), B. Sheldon's  Self-Determination Test (adapted and modified by E. N. Osina in 2011), 'The Mini-Mult' Questionnaire adapted by V. P. Zaitsev, V. E. Milman's Diagnostics of Personal Motivational Structure (1990) and the authors' Personal Extremist Orientation Questionnaire'. The obtained data was processed by using the frequency response analysis, factor analysis and contingency analysis based on chi-square Pearson criterion performed with the help of STATISTICA 6.0 Program. As a result of the empirical research, the authors have described components of the extremist orientation (basic purposes and contents), motives of students' potential extremist orientation, personal traits of students declaring their potential readiness to participate in extremist activities. It is concluded that regular patterns of the extremist orientation include interpersonal contradictions and searches for self-actualization of a young man or woman in the modern world. 
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