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Publications of Liventsova Evgeniya Yur'evna
Pedagogy and education, 2021-1
Liventsova E.Y., Obukhovskaya V.B., Fakhretdinova A.P., Larionova A.V., Malkova I.Y. - Arrangement and conditions of professional activity of an educator: comparative analysis of work experience in Russian and foreign universities pp. 36-49


Abstract: The subject of this research is the conditions of professional activity of an educator viewed through the prism of arrangement of the university campus space (based on comparative analysis of work experience in Russian and foreign universities). The indispensable conditions of professional activity are as follows: spatial organization of campus including safety and comfort; organizational environment; quality of relationship with the subjects of campus; possibility for professional and personal growth; language and cultural environments. The research is based on the method of thematic essay. The study involved educators with work experience in Russian and foreign universities. The scientific novelty consists in identification of psychological factors responsible for the professional development and performance of educators within the educational space of a campus, which would allow elaborating the strategies and ways for optimization of these processes. In the course of research, it was established that for successful professional activity, an educator must feel physical and psychological comfort and safety within the campus environment. The efficiently arranged campus space affects the professional performance of educators. The comparison of Russian and foreign university campuses indicated that the foreign ones outclass in level of educational supplies and equipment, advanced digital environment, work schedule that promotes better efficiency. The acquired results can be used for optimization of the conditions of professional activity of educators and increasing competitiveness of a university.
Psychology and Psychotechnics, 2020-4
Larionova A.V., Liventsova E.Y., Fakhretdinova A.P., Kostyukova T.A. - Social-psychological factors of formation of polycultural identity of foreign students pp. 78-88


Abstract: This article describes the experience of studying social-psychological factors the impact the formation of polycultural identity of foreign students. The content of such concepts as “polyculturalism”, “ethnic identity” and “polycultural identity” is disclosed. The results of a series of research carried out in Tomsk in 2019-2020 are provided. A complete sample included 393 respondents (foreign students, Russian students, and educators of state universities of Tomsk). The following research methods were employed: questionnaire, interview, psychological assessment (method of ethnic identity of J. Finney and methodology of comprehensive examination of acculturation of J. Berry), statistical data analysis (descriptive statistics, frequency and correlation analyses). The scientific novelty of this work is defined by systemic approach towards determination of social-psychological factors (ethnic identity, attitude of accepting community, strategies of acculturation) that influence the formation of polycultural identity of foreign students, as well as the role played by each factor in the process of integration of migrants into the accepting society and its culture. The acquired results allow revealing the key barriers in the context of adaptation of educational migrants in the university, as well as making recommendations on their elimination. The authors establish correlation between the strategies of acculturation and the characteristics of ethnic identity of educational migrants, and determine the peculiarities of the attitude of accepting community towards educational migrants.
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