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Publications of Beskova Tatiana Viktorovna
Psychology and Psychotechnics, 2016-6
Beskova T.V. - Gender Peculiarities of the Influence of Perfectionism on the Subjective Well-Being


Abstract: The object of the research is the subjective well-being of a person. The purpose of the present research is to define gender peculiarities of the influence of perfectionism on various components of the subjective well-being of a person. The author of the research examines such aspects of the topic as peculiarities of the subjective well-being and perfectionism as well as their components in male and female groups; the nature of the influence of various kinds of perfectionism (self-oriented, others-oriented and socially prescribed perfectionism) on the components of the subjective well-being depending on their gender attribution. The research involved 133 respondents. The results were processed using correlation analysis and comparison of Student-t mean values. The main conclusions of the research are as follows: socially prescribed perfectionism has the greater influence on the subjective well-being and this influence has certain gender specifics, in particular, this kind of perfectionism destroys the subjective well-being of women and, on the contrary, has a positive influence on the subjective well-being of men. Other kinds of perfectionism influence only the emotional component of the subjective well-being: men with the self-oriented perfectionism and women with the others-oriented perfectionism have a more positive attitude. The main contribution of the author is that for the first time in the academic literature the author demonstrates differently directed (constructively/destructively) influence of the socially prescribed perfectionism on the subjective well-being of different sexes. These results can be efficiently used in the process of psychological counseling concerning the problems of parenting and family education. 
Psychology and Psychotechnics, 2012-10
Beskova T.V. -
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