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Publications of Shumilov Konstantin Sergeevich
Culture and Art, 2019-12
Shumilov K.S. - Peculiarities of Orchestra Writing in Igor Savinov's Brass Band Compositions pp. 10-20


Abstract: The aim of this research is to analyze peculiarities of Igor Savinov's compositions for orchestra band. Shumilov has chosen to study Igor Savinov's works because this composer has made a great contribution to the development of Russian music and instrumentation for brass band. His compositions cover a lot of genres of brass music, march, ordre, fantasy, rhapsody, overture, poem, ballad, concert and others. Savinov composed works of each genre and accumulated all the best features of brass music scores. Savinov's works have been popular with the audience and concert performers. The method of studying orchestra writing is based on the experience of analysing particularities of orchestra texture, expressive and shape-generating role of timbre and interpretation of orchestra means. The main research goals were to give aesthetical evaluation of Savinov's compositions for brass band, to describe genres and styles of his themes, peculiarities of his tembre and quality changes in the timbre texture, to discover typical features of Savinov's orchestra writing in interpretation of instrumental means of brass orchestra, to understand succession and the use of orchestration principles in Russian and Soviet classical music. For the first time in the academic literature Shumilov analyzes the problems of modern instrumentation for brass band in terms of Igor Savinov's individual style and overall evolution of orchestra music since the 1980s. This allowed to define individual features of the composer's orchestra writing. 
PHILHARMONICA. International Music Journal, 2019-3
Shumilov K.S. - The idiom of V.G. Chernov in wind orchestra works (the example of the :Oriental fantasyФ in memory of N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov)
pp. 35-44


Abstract: The aim of the article is to study the idiom of Gennadii Vladimirovich Chernov for wind orchestra using the example of the “Oriental fantasy”. The choice of this composer is conditioned by his contribution to the development of Russian music and instrumentation for wind orchestra. His creative activities cover many genres of wind music: march, suite, fantasy, rapsody, ouverture, poem, ballad, concert. In every genre V.G. Chernov created the works accumulating that integrity natural for the best wind scores. The creative activities of Chernov became publicly recognized and widely spread in concert practice. The research technique of the idiom is based on the musicology experience of studying the peculiarities of music thematic invention, harmony, metro-rhythmics, orchestra texture, expressive and shape-generating role of timbre, and interpretation of orchestra means. The main tasks of the research are: to give esthetic evaluation of Chernov’s Symphony #1 ‘Great Russia”; to reveal genre and style features of thematic invention and the peculiarities of its timbre realization; to demonstrate quality changes of the timbre texture; to demonstrate the characteristics of Chernov’s orchestra narration in the interpretation of instrumental means of wind orchestra; to study the continuity character and the deflection of the principles of orchestration of Russian and Soviet music in wind music.   
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