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Publications of Mikhalev Alexey Viktorovich
Politics and Society, 2018-10
Mikhalev A.V. - Russian world on the outskirts of Asia: policy in terms of institutional asymmetry pp. 53-64


Abstract: This article is dedicated to the problem of establishment of the institutions that pursue the Russian world policy in Mongolia. The goal of this research lies in analyzing the institutionalization of the Russian world policy in Mongolia based on the three key components: Russian diaspora, Russian language and Orthodoxy. The subject of this research is the process of establishment of the institutions of Russian diaspora in the historical context. An important place in this article belongs to the problematic of functional asymmetry of the indicated institutions. The author makes an assumption that the overcoming of such asymmetry will allow increasing efficiency of the institutions of Russian presence. The study is based on the methodology of historical institutionalism. In this context, the institutions are viewed as the structures that distribute power, and remain in a state of struggle within themselves, as well as with the historically preceding institutions. In light of this paradigm, the author analyzes the institutions in the context of their historical evolution. The article is first to trace the succession between the public diplomacy institutions of the Soviet period and the institutions former in the 2000’s. Herewith, the beginning of 2000’s is considered as a critical fork, in other words, the period that mark the emergence of new norms and deactualization of the old ones. The author believes that namely the institutional succession with the preceding period is the cause for double burden on the modern institutions of the Russian world policy. The main conclusion underlines that the overall performance of institutions that implement the Russian world policy in Mongolia is negatively affected by the functional asymmetry.
International relations, 2016-4
Mikhalev A.V. - Struggle for water: the prospects of hydro-conflicts in Innermost Asia


Abstract: The study is focused on the problem of hydro-conflicts in Innermost Asia. The research object is the geopolitical situation in the region after the collapse of the Soviet Union which had led to the revision of the established models of state-to-state relations. Therefore, the research subject is the process of political struggle for water and energy resources. The chronological context of the research is the post-Socialist period, i.e. the period of deconstruction of the system of interrelations, established during the period of a large-scale Soviet presence in this region. The research methodology is based on event-analysis. This method includes the policy study via the successive consideration of events. The scientific novelty of the study consists in two theses: firstly, this study is one of the first attempts to consider the problem of building the water power plant in the Selenga river valley in its political rather than ecological aspect; secondly, geopolitical problems in Innermost Asia are for the first time considered in the context of water and energy resources allocation. 
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