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Publications of Viver Virsaviia Nigmatovna
International relations, 2019-1
Viver V.N. - Eurasian Integration in Terms of the Conservative Academic Discourse of the USA pp. 59-73


Abstract: Against the changes in the lobal world order and current nature of Russian-American relations, it is important to analyze the attitude of the USA expert community towards Russia's initiatives in the Post-Soviet region. America's position towards Russia and Eurasian processes have been traditionally developing as the fight between different points of view, particularly  conservative and liberal trends in external policy of the USA. This research implies the analysis of the positions of conservatives on Russia and Eurasian processes in the America's discourse. The object of the research is the American foreign political discourse and the subject of the research is their position on the Eurasian integreation in the sphere of intellectual products of academic research institutions. The research is based on the constructionist paradigm and fills in the gaps in understanding the nature and specifics of the position of the expert community on integration processes in the region. The scope of scientific issues is determined by the contradictory nature of the problem when the importance of Eurasian macroregion is declaerd for the global foreign policy of the United States while there is no attention or serious research of integration initiatives involving Russia. The research has demonstrated the critical perception of American expert of any initiatives of consolidated post-soviet states around Russia that see the regional projection of The Kremlin's global targets to reformate the West-centered world structure and develop the multi-pole world order. Russian experts take integration initiatives as attempts to restore the Russian Empire and explain foreign policy as the 'imperial thinking' of Russian elite. The results of the research can be of use in application analysis of American foreign policy issues and study of international processes in the Eurasian Region. 
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