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Publications of Lubsanova Natalia Borisovna
National Security, 2018-6
Khandazhapova L.M., Lubsanova N.B., Dagbaeva S.D. - Economic security of a border region: factors and limitations pp. 19-26


Abstract: The goal of this work consists in assessing the economic security of bordering regions of Siberia and Far East of Russia, as well as determining the factors and limitations of socioeconomic development. The subject of this research is the examination of occupational safety, food safety, innovation security, financial security, and social security that are the key components of economic security of a border region. The authors establish the criteria and threshold values (indicators) of economic security; conduct a comparative analysis of the indicators of economic security of the Siberian Federal District and Far Eastern Federal District for 2010 and 2016. Methodology is based on the systemic approach towards assessment and development of the multilevel system of economic security criteria, considering the specificity of a border region in the conditions of expansion of integration processes. Through the prism of diagnostic assessment of economic security, the authors determine the factors and limitations of border regions, as well as substantiate the main directions in socioeconomic development of the region. The scientific novelty lies in formulation of methodical framework for assessing the economic security of a border region. The authors describe the factors and limitations of socioeconomic development of the region in the context of ensuring economic security; substantiate the key directions in regions’ socioeconomic development for increasing economic security in the eastern regions of Russia; and offer to consider border factor in the system of government regulation of regional development.
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