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Publications of Sysoev Valentin Vasil'evich
Psychologist, 2018-4
Sysoev V.V., Lavrov N.N. - Psychological Peculiarities of Professional Communication Between Director and Subordinates pp. 32-37


Abstract: The aim of the research is to identify the psychological characteristics of professional communication between a director and his or her subordinates. The object of the research is professional communication. The subject of the research is the process of professional communication between the director and his or her subordinate. The author examines the mechanisms of interaction between the director and subordinates as well as possible problems arising in the process of such communication and ways to overcome them. Different approaches to communication are analyzed, and their significance for practice is revealed. The factors affecting the effectiveness of "director-subordinate" professional communication are studied. The recommendations on the analysis of the interaction between the director and subordinates for organizational psychologists are presented. The main research methods used by the authors include theoretical analysis including classification, analysis and synthesis as well as idealization and modeling. An activity approach was adopted as a methodological basis. The conclusion of the study is that when communicating with subordinates the director must take into account not only professional tasks but also characteristics of the subordinate and the situation in general. A special contribution of the author to the study of the topic is the analysis of professional communication from the standpoint of several approaches revealing their significance for practice. 
Psychology and Psychotechnics, 2018-3
Sysoev V.V., Lavrov N.N., Chistokhodova L.I. - Creativity in Problem Situation Solutions in the Professional Sphere pp. 95-100


Abstract: The aim of the work was to consider the value of creativity in solving problem situations in the process of professional activity. The object of this article is a professional activity. The subject of study - the key aspects of creativity in their professional activities. The author considers creativity in detail as a factor in solving a problem situation in a regulated and unregulated activity. It reveals aspects of the influence of activity on the specifics of the manifestation of creativity and its influence on the person. The author highlights the key points that characterize the main aspects of the dialectics of interaction and the connection between creativity, personality and professional activity. As the main method, the authors use theoretical analysis with the use of classification, analysis and synthesis. The methodological basis was taken activity and personal approaches. The conclusion of the study is that, based on the analysis of the dialectical relationship of creativity with professional activity, the activity-creative and personal-creative aspects of the manifestation of creativity in professional activity are highlighted. Of particular importance is the disclosure of the activity-creative aspect as a relationship, including the influence of activity on the specifics of the manifestation of creativity and the influence of creativity on professional activities, and the personal-creative aspect as the influence of the individual on the specifics of the manifestation of creativity and the influence of creativity on the person.
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