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Publications of Beishenaliev Almazbek Beishenalievich
Genesis: Historical research, 2018-9
Beishenaliev A.B. - The stages of US policy in Central Asia region (1991-2015) pp. 30-37


Abstract: This article demonstrates the key stages of the advancement of US policy in Central Asia region, which includes five countries: Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. The United States were among the first to recognize these countries as the full-fledged actors of international relations. The author determines the three stages in development of the relations between the United States and the countries of Central Asia. The first stage marks the acquisition of sovereignty after dissolution of the Soviet Union in the late XX century; the second falls on the presidency of George W. Bush (2001-2009) and ended in 2014; the third began in 2015. The article presents the texts of bilateral agreements between the United States and five republics of Central Asia; a total of over 60 agreements, the majority of which have been signed by Kazakhstan due to the problem of annihilation of nuclear armaments on its territory. Over the recent time, in US policy with regards to Kyrgyzstan have occurred certain issues and misunderstandings, which forces to search for new vectors and opportunities in the relations of these two countries. Therefore, it is imperative to continue studying the geopolitical interests of the United States in Central Asia and Kyrgyzstan in the area of international security.
Politics and Society, 2018-8
Beishenaliev A.B. - Place and role of Central Asia in modern geopolitics pp. 56-64


Abstract: The subject of this research is geopolitics of the United States with regards to the countries of Central Asia. The object of this research is the countries of Central Asia. Since the XVIII century, the Central Asia region has been a geopolitical object of global importance.  Thus, one of the key reasons of US-Russian contention accompanied by large conflicts and chaos was the contest for Central and South Asia. Attention is given to theoretical substantiation of the positions and status of the countries of Central Asia region in geopolitics of the United States. The author underlines the theoretical comprehension of the region from the two opposing positions: on one hand – the “geopolitics of Atlanticists”, and on the other – the “geopolitics of Eurasia”. The positions of the United States strengthen after dissolution of the Soviet Union, which allowed to unstintingly structure the policy, implementing its projects of the republics of Central Asia. Currently, the geopolitical status of Central Asia region has changed; namely, its role on the international arena has been increasing, which affected the national policy of the countries.
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