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Publications of Churkina Nataliya Anatol'evna
Sociodynamics, 2018-9
Churkina N.A. - Gender identity in the aspect of transformation of gender mentality pp. 98-104


Abstract: The subject of this research is the gender identity of a human. Special attention is given to the characteristics of such significant basis of human self-determination as its gender. Gender is the first identification criterion, which allows a human grasping his individuality and distinction from others. The author underlines that the successfulness of gender identity directly affects the human ability to cognize himself along with his position in sociocultural space, as well as effectively adapt in society. The article reviews in detail such aspects of the topic as the sociocultural content of masculinity and femininity. Based on reference to the reputable Russian and foreign sources, the author demonstrates the relevance, and simultaneously, the difficulty of acquisition of gender identity by a human in modern society. Methodological foundation leans on the views of the representatives of Annales School. The scientific novelty lies in the attempt to demonstrate that the realization of gender identity in many ways depends on the mental structures – values, stereotypes, and archetypes. As a result, this forms the gender worldview comprised of the masculine and feminine foundations, which determine the human behavior as a gender representative in various situation, in accordance with value system of the gender culture. The author underlines that the masculine and feminine stereotypes, which define the differences between men and women, act as the basis for existence of differences between the genders and establishment of hierarchical structure of modern society grounded on the patriarchal ideology. A conclusion is made that at the present stage takes place the transformation of gender mentality, which leads to the inversion of masculine and feminine behavioral strategies of a human.
Philosophy and Culture, 2018-5
Churkina N.A. - To the question about communicative function of mentality pp. 17-23


Abstract: This article reveals the peculiarities of communicative function of human mentality. As a specific way of reasoning and sensing, mentality is associated with human comprehension of the surrounding reality and manifests as the means of formation of the holistic picture of the world. As a complicated sociocultural system, mentality has a number of function. The functions can be determined as a way of behavior of any system, as well as its response to the external and internal influences. The article substantiates the existence of communicative function of mentality, which defines the conditions of interaction between the individuals in mental space. Methodological basis for this research contains the functional approach that allows establishing the representations on the activity of mentality, as well as hermeneutics that explains the specificity of understanding the surrounding reality by the representatives of various sociocultural communities. A conclusion is made that due to the mental unity of the participants of information interaction, in communication form the collective senses that define the human’s picture of the world, establish the social conventions, as well as originate the human representations about themselves as a possessor of certain sociocultural peculiarities; in other words, is realized the personal and collective identification of the carriers of common mentality.
Sociodynamics, 2018-5
Churkina N.A. - Masculinity and femininity in modern society: state and transformation trends pp. 16-20


Abstract: The subject of this research is the masculinity and femininity as the elements of gender mentality structure of a human. The author determines that the acquisition of masculinity and femininity is a result of socialization process, in terms of which a person grasps the values, stereotypes and etalons ascribed to the male and female. It is also underlined that the establishment of masculinity and femininity is certainly affected by the gender archetypes that reflect the profound universalities of human gender. Within the framework of the claimed problem, is revealed that in patriarchal society the gender mentality forms r to the principle of binarity, while the masculinity and femininity are opposite and labeled axiologically. Methodological foundation contains the synthesis of existential and gender approaches towards characteristic of the human gender. Such synthetic analysis allows revealing the naturally substantiated, as well as sociocultural grounds of the gender and overcome the extremes of the aforementioned approaches. The scientific category that unites the indicated research areas is the gender mentality of a human. The conducted analysis of gender mentality determines the content of masculinity and femininity, as well as denotes the transformation trends of the gender mental structures in modern society. The main conclusion lies in the statement on the inversions of structural content of gender mentality in modern society. The process of women’s masculinization is an evident feature of modern gender relations: females adopt the male behavioral strategies and effectively implement them; while the males somewhat lose the traditional to them behavioral patterns.
Man and Culture, 2018-4
Churkina N.A. - Image of the Other in the realm of gender mentality pp. 1-7


Abstract: The problem of gender specificities of human mentality is relevant within the modern sociocultural knowledge. The subject of this research is the gender mentality that defines the identity of a human as a representative of a gender. It is underlined that the principle of binary oppositions underlie the mechanism of gender mentality of a patriarchal society, which leads to the establishment of hierarchy and diverse value markedness of masculinity and femininity as the key structural elements of gender mentality. Particular attention is given to the analysis of relation to the “Other” from the perspective of binary structuring of gender mentality. Methodology contains the works of the representatives of the French Annales School, as well as the scholars who actualize gender approach in science. The author’s main contribution lies in the analysis of the transformation of gender mentality in modern society under the influence of sociocultural changes. The becoming dominant in modern society principle of decentration contributes to changing the perception of a woman as the Other, and with time grow into foundation of a new gender order.
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