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Publications of Kuzina Natalia Vladimirovna
Culture and Art, 2018-6
Kuzina N.V., Kuzina L.B. - Vladimir Mirzoev's 'Essays on Freedom' as a Triptych of the Absurd Drama and a Series of Cinematographic Novels pp. 55-65


Abstract: The subject of the research is the cinematographic language and artistic features of Vladimir Mirzoev's cinematographic novels 'Tutors', 'Dangerous Man', 'Paradise' from the piont of view of stylistics of the Absurdist drama of the Western European (Samuel Beckett and others) and Russian (Vladimir Nabokov and Alexander Vampilov and others) traditions. The authors of the article analyze the structure of narration, artistic world model and secondary semantization (symbolic detail) of what is reflected in picture, intertextuality (references to the images of the social unconscious) and archetypic constructs. The authors have used traditional methods of semiotics and structuralism, in particular, analysis of the artistic model of the novel as a frame consisting of complete and incomplete slots referring to artistic traditions, archetypes, and social traditional constructs. The novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the authors carry out a scientific analysis of modern cinematographic language using the methodology of Russian structuralism and semiotics, and reconstruction of messages from Vladimir Mirzoev's novel 'Dangerous Man'. The authors pay special attention to the artistic space, time, and novelistic techniques of constructing the film narrative, images of heroes, symbolic details (including colour, material texture in picture, and etc.), audio-visual counterpoint (including music and speech in picture), separation in 'plans'. 
Psychologist, 2018-3
Kuzina N.V., Kuzina L.B. - On the Question about the Benefit and Harm of Cybersport: Dota 2 Players as Representatives of the Counterculture: Destinies and Personalities pp. 19-31


Abstract: Internet addiction of teenagers to computer network games and online communication has been a nettlesome issue of psychological research over 10 years by now. Game producers and sellers are interested in involving more and more gamers as consumers of their products. Young people are turn out of the process of adequate socialization, they become disabled or inclined to social phobia and, quite often, derealization including suicidal tendencies, lose their chance to make a career or academic success. Using the method of participant observation, the authors performed a longitude (over 6 year long) research of Dota 2 players, their active participation in the game and development of life strategies (including their success in the real life). The authors used the questionnaire survey and observation, analyzed positive and negative effects of being involved in the game as a user and a psychologist, classified gamers depending on their age, socialization ability, territorial location and and traced back the destinities of gamers as well as assessed their capability of independent overcoming of addiction. 
Philology: scientific researches, 2018-2
Kuzina N.V., Kuzina L.B., Sulimov K.T. - The Concept of 'Enemy' in Mass Media, News Aggregators and Internet Search User Requests pp. 156-170


Abstract: In their research the authors analyze the process of developing the concept of 'enemy' in modern virtual and information space from the point of view of semantics and frequency of occurrence (rank) as well as overall context of wording including the contents of search requests made by users of Yandex and Google, responses of Yandex and Google news aggregators, compatiblity and content of materials that pop out when the request for lexeme 'enemy' is made in the First Federal TV channel (1999 - 2017), Federal Newspaper 'Izvestia' and 'Russian Newspaper' (spring - autumn of 2017). The authors have applied the continuous sampling method that covered the period of time about half a year (for the newspaper) and the period of Internet resource of the First TV Channel existence, as well as the first 10 pages that were offered by Yandex and Google news aggregators for user requests; classification method, method of elementary statistics (in absolute numbers), composition of rank-based dictionaries (prose and spontaneous speech) the authors specialize in, lexical-semantic method (determination of word using meaning based on the context and compatibility). The results of the research demonstrate the increasing social tension, on the one hand, and prevention or transfer of conflict areas used by federal mass media. Along with the politization of this concept (external policy), there is also an ongoing process of user conscious gamerization and interpretation of this term into terms of cinematographic culture and art artefacts. 
Agriculture, 2018-1
Kuzina N.V., Kuzina L.B., Zabugina T.M., Kovalenko A.A., Tovanchev I.V., Bushina L.M., Lapushkina A.A., Vigilyanskaya A.O., Orlova N.L. - On the Development and Approbation of New Technique for Describing the Changes in the Forms and Bioavailability of Copper and Zinc in the Long-Term Application of Fertilizers pp. 1-48


Abstract: Soil changes are long-lasting and multifactorial processes proceeding in a non-uniform manner and can be detected only with prolonged observation. Against the background of the tasks of describing the natural changes in soils, the more private, increasingly important, problem is the problem of biotransformation of Cu, Zn, introduced into the soil under the influence of anthropogenic factors, such as man-made pollution or cultivation of soil by a person in order to increase its fertility. Since the processes of transformation of heavy metals are long, for their observation under the influence of cultivation of soils and the long introduction of different doses of fertilizers, and also to study the aftereffect, data obtained in long field experiments can be used. Materials samples Geoset experiments with fertilizers, created more than 60 years ago on the initiative of D.N. Pryanishnikov, represent the most valuable object for study, the possibility of analyzing archival soil and plant samples is given.
Genesis: Historical research, 2017-5
Orfinskaya O.V., Chutkina S.S., Titova L.A. - Studies of pre-Mongolian embroidery based on archaeological excavations of 1966 – 1974 years in the city of Staraya Russa of Novgorod Region pp. 127-143


Abstract: The subject of this research is the archeological textile material (XVII – XV centuries) discovered during the 1966 – 1974 archeological excavations in the city of Staraya Russa, which is divided into four compositions and stored in Novgorod open-air museum for over 30 years, and later, due to the unsatisfactory condition, has undergone restoration and exploration. The main goal of this research lies in determination of a number of the survived textile products, identification of the nature of fabrics, as well as the connection between the preserved artifacts – narrow golden ribbon and fragments of embroidery, which were earlier considered as part of the collar (necklace). It was established the most likely that origin of the golden ribbons is Mediterranean; the used fabrics has a distinct dense texture, and was brought from, perhaps, Byzantine Empire, as an expensive goods. All of the golden threads in the samples had identical characteristic (thin, with dense golden strip winding), which allowed suggesting that the ribbons alongside the finished embroidery “has come” from the same place.
Agriculture, 2017-4
Kuzina N.V., Bushina L.M., Vigilyanskaya A.O., Tovanchev I.V., Lapushkina A.A., Kuzina L.B., Orlova N.L., Zabugina T.M., Kovalenko A.A., Efimov O.E., Romanenkov V.A. - From the Long-Term Experience of the Stationary Shebantsevo № 5 to the Long-Term Experience of the Stationary Shebantsevo Modified № 5: Changes in Agrochemical Properties of the Soil and Product Quality pp. 1-76


Abstract: The history and changes in some agrochemical properties of the soil as well as the product quality and yield indicators in the transition from the experience of "Stationary Shebantsevo № 5" to the modified experience of "Stationary Shebantsevo Modified № 5" are considered. Sampling was carried out for soil - in 1992, 2004, 2011, 2014, 2016, and 2017, for plant products - in 2013, 2016, and 2017. To realize the purpose of the study, it was necessary to study the interrelationships between the agrochemical properties of the soil, the indices of product quality and yield, and also the content of certain microemoietic substances in raw materials. Instrumental laboratory ((infrared spectrometry, atomic-absorption photometry, flame spectrophotometry) and statistical analysis methods (Statistica 13.3) were used. The analysis of archival soil samples and plant raw materials provided by the Department of Long-Term Experiments of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Agricultural Chemistry was carried out. In the process of studying the aftereffect of high doses of the organo-mineral fertilizer system and after the renewal of a long field experiment (with continuing and teachings aftereffect and the resumption of mineral fertilizers) allowed to outline the dynamics of changes of soil agrochemical indicators and the dynamics of change of indicators of quality of production and productivity ("Stationary Shebantsevo Modified, No. 5").
Police and Investigative Activity, 2017-2
Kuzina N.V., Sulimov K.T. - Universal Odor Detector: On Creating the Genetic Resources of Domestic Service of Search Dogs pp. 26-51


Abstract: The object of the research is the method for selecting and breeding as well as training search dogs. The subject of the research is the algorithm for developing and supporting the genetic resources of search dogs of hybrid populations like Laika reindeer herding and European jackal. The research and implementation of the practice of creating the genetic resources and developing the algorithm for selecting and training Laika reindeer herdings and European jackals has been done by the author for over thirty years. In this research the author has used the historical analysis (origin and development of domesticated dog and the problem of the reverse mutagenesis in the animal world), genetic analysis (the influence of jackals on features of domesticated dogs in the process of cross breeding), particularities of inheritting working features of dogs (in particular, their manifestation under different cross breeding conditions), experimental method (testing olfactor features of dogs in practice and work). The author has also used the descriptive and classification approach to analyzing the current list of breeds used in search activities (for example, dog security service at Aeroflot). The author offers the algorithm for creating the genetic sources of a universal search dog from Laika reindeer herding and European jackals, describes and classifies current genetic resources (owned by Aeroflot), and provides methods for testing dogs depending on their working abilities as well as methods for bringing up and training universal search dogs based on available genetic resources.    These dogs have a highly developed intuition and can become universal official search dogs. Describes the tragic fate of the small size stock huskies in Russia, ways of their hybridization with the jackal and the available population.
Police and Investigative Activity, 2017-1
Sulimov K.T., Ibragimova O.A. - Using the Jackal-Сanidae Bastards in the Analysis of Olfactory Traces in Criminology: History, Theory and Practice pp. 27-48


Abstract: In the detection and investigation of non-obvious crimes, criminologists are short of information about the identity of the perpetrators. The olfactory traces at the scene investigative personal data about participants of the event more than any other the next person.The article highlights the history of the national forensic odorologii, one of which is the formation of the participants co-author K.T.Sulimov was from 1966 to 1998., Discusses the arguments and perspectives in the gene pool of hybrids (bastards) Laika reindeer herding and European jackal.The name of the method gave Yuriy Lekanov, served as the chief forensic department of the Russian Federation Prosecutor's Office, the investigative method to introduce the practice.Article provides reliable evidence-based methods of preparation and use of dog odor detectors to identify the individual on the olfactory trail.
Security Issues, 2016-5
Sulimov K.T., Ibragimova O.A. - Electronic and conventional methods of detection during vehicle search for narcotic and explosive substances: the limits of competition pp. 24-33


Abstract: The research subject is the methods of electronic and bio-detection of explosive and narcotic substances, which are applied by transport services or are being developed in the Russian Federation, and the requirements to drugs, used for detection dogs training. The author describes the examples of specifications of requirements to the production of substances, substituting explosives, the algorithms of production of the equipment for dogs training and the measures for their effective use. The author summarizes the results of a more than a three decades-long work with detection dogs, including the search for narcotic and explosive substances. The author describes the algorithms of preparation of the equipment and the materials for detection dogs training by dog specialists of security services. The scientific novelty consists in the substantiated critical understanding of negative processes, developing in security services and anti-terrorist services during the transition from the use of bio-detection to the electronic means of detection of narcotic and explosive substances and microsamples of these substances for the preparation of dogs for imitating analogs. 
Psychology and Psychotechnics, 2016-4
Kuzina N.V. - Development and Testing of Psychotherapy and Psycho-Diagnostics with the Use of Short Films


Abstract: The object of the research is a short fiction/documentary films and use of cinematic language / imagery in psychodiagnostics and psychotherapy. The subject of the research is the algorithm of diagnostics and correction of emotional psychological trauma associated with social stigma due to illnesses, age, experiences of intimate relationships, addiction and suicidal behaviour with the help of short author cinema; the personal imagery of the patient and its transformation by methods of the art implementation of the method of therapy by creative self-expression; visually observed reactions of the patients / viewers to the viewing of films and their use during psychotherapy; the regularities of psycho-physiological reactions (dynamics of microcirculation) with the help of background recording at the viewing.Research methods: creative expression therapy, art therapy, background recording laser Doppler flowmetry during screenings, computer psychodiagnostics.The algorithm of this study: 1) shooting and editing video with the active inclusion of the patient (film about the patient's problem and its resolution); 2) screening for the respondents which have not participated in film editing,3) the analysis of the perception's features at the viewing and content reflection of the audience following the screening 4) recording of LDF-grams in the presentation of the author's videos and analysis of the dynamics of unconscious regulation of the microvascular bed in response to the presentation,5) conduct computer diagnostics of the Respondent-viewers,6) analysis of the efficiency of short author cinema with the aim of psychotherapy and psycho-diagnostics.When designing the visuals features considered necessary are:1) accurate targeted registration of the most probable and possible associative Parallels of the patient - cultural, national, generational, professional, personal (used semiotic ontopsychological approaches); 2) on the other hand, the creation of freedom in interpretative activities. Following techniques have been developed and used during shooting and editing: receiving emotional contrast shots; the contrast of moving and stationary image (on photo that reflects the physiological response – closed eyes (or the symbolism of the end of life's journey as part of the movie) «black screen»); guided light hypnotic state through overloading the same type of information (repeated frames, musical fragments or phrases in the case of participation of actors); the effect of «kōan» (no unidirectional interpretation), etc. Specially developed techniques of the patient's perspective inclusion in the frame were used. One rule developed and used: the Respondent must be given the widest possible background for associations (the image is extremely generalized, lacunar). Along with the representation in the film of the specific situation in terms of deactualization process of traumatic stimuli and correction of the condition, the films have a deep philosophical implication. Lacunar technique of associative film editing is applied - special location shots and stories: adjacent slices and frames may not be thematically appositional (NLP-analogue reception in building stories) with the purpose of creating supportive spaces for individual associative.ConclusionsPossibility of identifying of physiological correspondences of catharsis, hidden motivations, needs and emotional trauma when viewing movies was tested (identification of suicide risk, dependencies, relevance of gender relations, etc.).Reactions during screenings, specifics of the verbal response to the films content after the viewing, the number of reactive changes of the microcirculation during playback allow to judge of the degree of emotional trauma, a predisposition to deviant behaviour or to psychosomatical experiences. Differences in responses while watching films and writing flowmetry associated with cultural level, age, gender, current needs are recorded. Story visual stimulation (movies) in contrast to the fragmented (photos) one, has a more powerful impact on the state of the microvasculature (Kv < 10), in case of retention of the optical waveguide arm of the test – a significant tremor (Kv < 20).The films shot with psychotherapy patients, draw response of the subjects - students that experienced similar emotional trauma or which are prone to the same behavioral pathologies (experienced their aftereffects). Using the proposed methodology one can identify the needs of the socium typically not detected in the mass scale and using other methods and available experience of chemical dependency, pathological gender relations, a predisposition to suicide. The technique can be used in lie detection. Screenings may offer the opportunity to register the activation of neurogenic - the sympathetic, endothelial, and myogenic factors in regulation of the vasculature.
Agriculture, 2016-1
Kuzina N.V., Kuzina L.B. - Accounting for historical cultural-economic types on the territory of the Russian Federation within the systems of upbringing and inclusion of children and teenagers into work practices pp. 1-18


Abstract: The subject of this research is the possibility of children and teenagers socialization by means of consideration of the traditional historical practices of agricultural labor in accordance with the traditional employment of the population and the economic-cultural types on the territory of the Russian Federation taking into account the agricultural and climatic conditions. The authors examine the types of agricultural activity (depending on the established on the territory of the cultural area of preferences due to the dominating type of soils, crop species, and animals), in which a child or a teenager was included in these territories in the past, as well as the methods by means of which the established systems of upbringing aimed at survival and socialization can help revitalize the Russian agriculture and raise a healthy generation. The author conduct the analysis of the works of ethnoecologists, ethnographers, and archeologists who studied the agricultural activity of the tribes and nations living on the territory of the Russian Federation in the areas depending on the type of soils and climate. As the result of the performed historical-ethnographical research focusing on the archeological and cross-cultural examinations, it is suggested to popularize the traditional forms of economies and  natural resource management from the early preschool age to the age of maturity, for the purpose of its use for the revival of agriculture and elevation of the status of employment of the young generation in agricultural production.
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