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Publications of Vigilyanskaya Aleksandra Olegovna
Agriculture, 2018-1
Kuzina N.V., Kuzina L.B., Zabugina T.M., Kovalenko A.A., Tovanchev I.V., Bushina L.M., Lapushkina A.A., Vigilyanskaya A.O., Orlova N.L. - On the Development and Approbation of New Technique for Describing the Changes in the Forms and Bioavailability of Copper and Zinc in the Long-Term Application of Fertilizers pp. 1-48


Abstract: Soil changes are long-lasting and multifactorial processes proceeding in a non-uniform manner and can be detected only with prolonged observation. Against the background of the tasks of describing the natural changes in soils, the more private, increasingly important, problem is the problem of biotransformation of Cu, Zn, introduced into the soil under the influence of anthropogenic factors, such as man-made pollution or cultivation of soil by a person in order to increase its fertility. Since the processes of transformation of heavy metals are long, for their observation under the influence of cultivation of soils and the long introduction of different doses of fertilizers, and also to study the aftereffect, data obtained in long field experiments can be used. Materials samples Geoset experiments with fertilizers, created more than 60 years ago on the initiative of D.N. Pryanishnikov, represent the most valuable object for study, the possibility of analyzing archival soil and plant samples is given.
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