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Publications of Larichev Aleksandr Alekseevich
Administrative and municipal law, 2017-12
Larichev A.A. - Legal nature of a municipality as a criterion of specifying the corporate and other models of local governance pp. 1-10


Abstract: The research subject is the legal nature of a municipality as a ground for classifying local governance models. The author emphasizes the difference between the approaches to local governance based on the differences between the interpretations of a municipality as a “territorial pubic association” within the continental approach and a “municipal corporation” within the Anglo-Saxon approach. The author analyzes the influence of the respective concepts on the functioning of local governance as a whole, confirmation of the subjects’ right to local governance and its implementation. The study is based on general scientific methods which include normative analysis and the method of comparative jurisprudence. The scientific novelty of the study consists in specifying the range of local governance models on the basis of the criterion of legal nature and the status of municipalities. The author specifies the corporate, communal and post-communal models. The author characterizes each of the models on the basis of the determined criterion. 
Law and Politics, 2016-7
Larichev A.A. - Legal regulation of the administrative control over the work of the branches and officials of the local self-governance in Canada


Abstract: The object of this research is the institution of administrative control over the work of the branches and official of local self-governance in Canada. The subject of this work is the normative legal sources, as well as scientific and analytical literature on this topic. Analyzing this institution, the author gives attention to such issues as the forms of administrative control over the work of the branches and official of local self-governance; their internal content and peculiarities; differences in regulation of corresponding issues in the legislations of the different provinces of Canada. Analysis of the forms of administrative control over the work of the branches and official of local self-governance in Canada allows the author to make a conclusion on its wide implementation on all stages of administrative work. Despite the foreseeable trends of expansion of legal personhood of the branches of municipalities and acquisition of discretion authority, the administrative control maintains a significant role in the relations between the executive branches and local self-government.
Administrative and municipal law, 2016-2
Larichev A.A. - Regional special purpose bodies in Canada


Abstract: The research object is the institution of autonomous regional special purpose bodies in Canada. The research subject is the range of regulatory sources and scientific and analytical literature in the sphere of the research. The author pays special attention to such issues as the history of foundation of special purpose bodies in Canada; their organizational differences from municipal governments; their constitutional status; their role in the system of municipal governments. The author applies the method of analysis of legal sources, regulating the status of autonomous regional special purpose bodies. The author also applies the comparative legal method when studying the peculiarities of forming and financing such bodies in Canada and the USA. The author comes to the conclusion about the differences between special purpose bodies and municipal governments, including the possibility of constitutional protection of some special purpose bodies, in contrast to the conventional municipal governments. In spite of the fact that these bodies are wide spread, their role in municipal governments system is ambiguous and needs further analysis. 
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