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Publications of Gvozdeva Darya Ivanovna
Pedagogy and education, 2018-3
Dzhaneryan S.T., Gvozdeva D.I. - Types of Attitude to Bribery Demonstrated by University Students and Working Youth pp. 1-11


Abstract: This article presents the results of the empirical study of attitude to bribery that involved 120 university students (19-22 years old) and 102 working young people (22-34 years old). The aim of the research was to study the contents of different types of attitude to bribery demonstrated by university students and working young people. Within the framework of this research attitude to bribery is considered as the kind of attitude that sees bribery (or bribe) as a goal or means of satisfaction of one's personal needs and vaues. The research was conducted using the following methods: survey (questioning), content analysis, testing and statistical data processing methods. Depending on the leading content of bribery interpretations, the following types of attitude are established: instrumental value or business deal. The content of the components of each type of attitude is considered; empirical criteria for the full awareness, structuredness and development of attitudes towards bribery are proposed. The differences in the structure and formation of each type of attitude of students and working young people are shown. The novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the author studies and describes types of attitude towards bribery demonstrated by students and working youth. The results obtained can be applied in the practice of anti-corruption education of young people.
Psychologist, 2017-6
Dzhaneryan S.T., Gvozdeva D.I. - Causes of Lower Class Corruption and Personality Traits of Corrupt Officials Based on Opinions of Students with Different Attitudes to Bribery pp. 59-70


Abstract: The article presents the results of the research that was aimed at studying causes of low class corruption and personality traits of bribetakers and bribegivers based on the analysis of the conative component content (causes and personality traits of bribetakers and bribegivers) of certain attitude to bribery demonstrated by young people. One's attitude to bribery is defined as a persistent purpose-and-means attitude when a person perceives bribery as the purpose and means in satisfying one's needs and values. The research was carried out using the following methods: questionnaire survey, content-analysis, tests, and statistical methods of data processing. The authors have analyzed similar attitudes to bribery demonstrated by school, college and university students, in particular, attitude to bribery as an unlawful conduct, business deal, or immoral behavior. According to the results of the research, respondents name various situations as what causes bribe giving, while bribe taking is associated ith particular personality traits of corrupt officials. The authors prove that differentiation between personality traits of bribegivers and bribetakers demonstrated by college and university students is determined by the certain attitude to bribery. The novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the authors analyse causes of bribery and personality traits of each participant in a corrupt conduct as demonstrated by young people with different attitudes to bribery as a phenomenon of lowwer class corruption, and differentiate between personality traits of bribegivers and bribetakers as viewed by urban youth. The results of the research can be used in practical lessons aimed at teaching anti-corruption values to students. 
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