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Publications of Sheshegov Pavel Mikhailovich
Transportation Herald, 2017-2
Zinkin V.N., Somov M.V., Penchuchenko V.V., Kharitonov V.V., Sheshegov P.M. - Criteria importance of potential unreliability of actions in the research of professional work capacity of the aviation specialists pp. 14-31


Abstract: The subject of this research is the ensuring of reliable professional activity of the flight and engineer technical personnel of aircraft under the impact of aircraft noise. The object is the functional reliability of operator of the aviation ergatic system. The author examine such aspect of the topic as the analysis of reliability of professional activity of aircraft flight-lifting and engineer technical personnel that ensures the employment of modern aircraft in execution of their professional responsibilities at workplace, including the use of individual and collective protection from noise. The research methodology combines the methods of reliability theory, acoustics engineering, aeronautical acoustics, system analysis and probability theory. The main conclusions of the study consist in the positions that aircraft noise is a potential source of danger, which substantiates the increased risk of erroneous actions of aviation professionals and development of professional diseases that result in the early professional disqualification. Authors’ special contribution into the research of this topic lies in acquisition of the quantitative estimates regarding the potential unreliability of actions flight-lifting and engineer technical personnel.
Security Issues, 2016-6
Penchuchenko V.V., Kharitonov V.V., Sheshegov P.M., Zinkin V.N., Abashev V.Y. - The system analysis of acoustic safety of aviation specialistsТ professional activities pp. 36-51


Abstract: The research subject is acoustic safety of aviation specialists’ activities, including the analysis of the peculiarities of use of the audio channel of the aviation ergatic system management, the functional reliability of the operator of the aviation ergatic system, the sources of aviation noise, the ways of modeling of the noise impact on the reliability of the operator, the crews of modern aircrafts and the physiological mechanisms of impact of aviation noise on the operator of the aviation ergatic system. The novelty of the study is determined by its system character and orientation on the detection of the problems of safety of professional activities of aviation specialists, conditioned by the impact of aviation noise. The research methodology combines the methods of the reliability theory, hygienic studies, occupational medicine, evidentiary medicine, mathematical statistics and engineering acoustics. The authors formulate the particular problems of safety of professional activities of aviation specialists, determined by the impact of aviation noise. The study shows that aviation noise is the source of potential danger, causing the higher risk of misactions of aviation specialists and the danger of occupation diseases, causing the early professional disqualification. The research results show the urgent necessity to develop and implement special means and methods of improvement of acoustic safety of aviation specialists’ professional activities as an integral element of the safe operation of air transport. 
Politics and Society, 2016-5
Zinkin V.N., Sheshegov P.M. - Analysis of morbidity due to professional aircrew state aviation and recommendations for the prevention of disorders of the musculoskeletal system


Abstract: Reports on materials medical-flight examination studied the incidence of aircraft lifting of the state of aviation in conjunction with the results of medical and social studies (sample size 242). It was found that the structure of morbidity significant place (maximum weight) are diseases of the musculoskeletal system (osteochondrosis and primarily scoliosis of the spine) of the circulatory system and metabolic diseases that affect the reliability of professional work and causes a decrease in professional longevity representatives of socio-professional group. The research methodology is based on the methods of occupational medicine, sociology, medicine, aviation medicine, occupational health, psychophysiology of labor. It is shown that prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system should be carried out with the stage of selection of candidates for training cadets and flight schools with the help of X-ray and ultrasound. The proposal for a system of professional selection and dynamic medical examination of flight personnel, the introduction of which into the practice of aviation medicine will lead to earlier detection of diseases of the spine, reduce morbidity and increase career longevity aircraft lifting of the state of aviation.
Urban Studies, 2015-1
Zinkin V.N., Sheshegov P.M., Shishov A.A. - Characteristics of the standard of living of urban areas adjacent to air transport companies pp. 44-55


Abstract: The subject of the research is a comprehensive multi-aspect characterization of the standard of living areas adjacent to air transport enterprises, taking into account the acoustic impact of environmental conditions, medical and social factors. The authors specified the acoustic aspects of the environmental impact in the places of habitation of the representative socio-professional groups, gave estimates of the health risks caused by the cumulative effect of aircraft noise on the urban areas being researched. The conclusions of the research are summarized for residential areas that are impacted by the cumulative effects of high-intensity industrial (manufacturing) noise. The research methodology combines the research methods used by experts of medical sociology, occupational medicine, medical geography, aviation medicine and medical informatics. The main conclusion of this study is that now the noise factor in the workplace aviation affects those who work in the industry and the general population of urban areas adjacent to the air transport enterprises, results in the decline in living standards, and is a major risk factor that requires constant monitoring and implementation of appropriate preventive measures, and also taking into account the estimates provided with the development of territories adjacent to enterprises the functioning of which is associated with intense noise impact on the environment.
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