National Security
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Publications of Dragan Sergei Pavlovich
National Security, 2016-1
Bogomolov A.V., Zinkin V.N., Dragan S.P., Soldatov S.K. - Anthropoecological aspects of the safe exploitation of aerodromes, airports, and aviation companies


Abstract: This article examines the problem of exploitation of aerodromes and aircrafts, as well as their impact upon the environmental security and human health. The authors note that the issues with the safe exploitation of aerodromes are associated with the intense advancement of the aviation technology, accompanied by the increase of the aircraft engines capacity and by the imperfection of the normative base that regulates the use of the adjacent areas t to airports, aerodromes, and aviation companies. As a result, it created a problem of anthropoecological security of aerodromes exploitation, which became an issue of the country’s national security. The authors conduct a socio-sanitary monitoring of the adjacent zones to aerodromes, the results of which are linked to the data from the monitoring of the acoustic circumstances, as well as characteristics of medico-demographical situation and morbidity of the population. The authors believe that provision of the anthropoecological security in exploitation of aerodromes and airports requires formulization and implementation of the new normative-methodological base considering the realities and international experience, as well as permanent socio-sanitary monitoring of territories adjacent to the aerodromes, airports, and aviation companies, in the interest of timely execution of the complex of preventive measures.
Security Issues, 2016-1
Soldatov S.K., Zinkin V.N., Dragan S.P. - Human biosafety under the conditions of intense low-frequency noise and the ways of its ensuring pp. 39-47


Abstract: The paper studies acoustic conditions and work environment at the workplaces of aviation specialists and heavy duty trucks drivers in order to reveal the peculiarities of joint effect of noise and infrasound with the purpose of developing the effective means, ways, and methods of protection against them. The simultaneous conditions of noise and infrasound at the specialists’ workplaces are considered in the article as a joint effect of the two harmful workplace factors worsening the working conditions and promoting the increase of chronic and work-related diseases. The research methodology combines the methods of hygienic studies, occupational medicine, evidentiary medicine, medical statistics, and medical acoustics. The authors conclude that under the conditions of a joint effect of noise and infrasound with the maximum spectrum in the sound range, the most frequent disease is the perceptive hearing loss (a work-related disease), and with the maximum spectrum in infrasound range – the nonspecific extracochlear pathology in the form of arterial hypertension (a work conditioned disease). The presence of frequencies of infra- and sound ranges in the spectrum of affecting noise, combined with their high level, should be taken into account when choosing the means and ways of personnel protection.
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