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Publications of Gander Dmitrii Vladimirovich
Psychology and Psychotechnics, 2016-11
Gander D.V., Vorona A.A., Ponomarenko V.A., Alekseenko M.S. - Methodological and Theoretical Preconditions for Psychological Research of Flight Work at the Present Stage of Aviation Development pp. 906-912


Abstract: The subject of this research is the methods and results of psychological studies of the flight work. The object of the research is the psychological assistance of aircraft. The authors of the article focuses on such aspects of the topic as the psychological aspects of decision-making during flight operations, methodological and theoretical basis of psychological research in aviation, psychological characteristics of flight activity of modern aircraft, technical means of formation of professionally important qualities of the pilot. Particular attention is paid to the definition of the importance of psychological studies of the flight security in state aviation. The research methodology is based on the systems approach and integrates the methods of work psychology, engineering psychology, ergonomics and aviation medicine. The main conclusion of the research is the statement that the records of the results of psychological research in the design of aircraft and flight crew training is an essential component of ensuring safety and health protection of the aircrew system. Special contribution of the authors is that they have summarized the results of psychological studies of the flight of labor with emphasis on their application at the present stage of aviation development.
Psychology and Psychotechnics, 2015-7
Gander D.V., Alekseenko M.S. - Features of Pilot Personal Potential in the Cycle of Professional Development


Abstract: The authors of the present research describe peculiarities of personal potential of a pilot in the cycle of professional development, provide necessary definitions and offer a psycho-pedagogical model and component composition of the pilot personal potential. From the point of view of the systems analytical research of the problem of personal potential, the authors characterize and interpret the leading components of the pilot's personal potential and their basic interdependencies. They discuss ways to use the concept of reasonable personal potential, methods of the development of personal potential, possible approaches to studying and developing the pilot's professional skills. In their research the authors have used the methods of theoretical analysis and synthesis, the method of longitudinal study, collection of empirical data, analysis of pilots' activity using the document method and expert survey, job specification and methods of mathematical statistics. The contradiction between the priority development of aviation technology and obsolete methodology of recruitment and training of aircrew as a result of outdated ideas, ways of assessing and forecasting flight abilities requires improving the theory and practice of psychological assistance of pilots and developing professional psychological readiness for work in extreme conditions. Research and consideration of personal potential and patterns of the development of pilot's personal potential extend the opportunities of psychological assistance of pilots and formation of psychological readiness of pilots for their professional destiny and extreme factors of life.
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