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Publications of Apartsev Oleg Rolenovich
Philosophical Thought, 2014-3
Apartsev O.R. - Ambivalent Generalization in Biodynamics pp. 100-148


Abstract: Article continues the consideration of the Theory of Ambivalent Generalization in the annex to biological populations begun in article: Apartsev O. R. Information approach in biodynamics//NB: Philosophical researches. 2014. No. 2.Reduction of external properties of any live object to the description abstract attributive information allowed to receive rather easy interpretation of the basic intra population processes operating in quasi-continuous and quasi-uniform population that led to creation of the Theory of Ambivalent Generalization. The offered theory provides new tools for research of any objects of the population nature, however in article only biological populations are exposed to consideration.Thus the purpose of article isn't consideration of questions of biology which are only the base for use of tools. The main direction of research is directed on application of the creative analysis based on the Theory of Generalization for revision of the philosophical and world outlook problems connected with gnoseological kontradiktion of existence of live objects and their developments. The methodology of research is under construction on research of quite certain and complete model of ambipolyarny generalization in the annex to concrete interpretations of real biological systems.All considered information carriers are considered only as material objects in any manifestations that is meant also when carrying out the abstract analysis of the arising tasks. In work simplicity of attributive model representation for many and population biological systems is approved. The elementary theory of a virusobrazovaniye which is based on the theory of a creditization – one of fundamental parts of the theory of generalization develops. The analysis of attributive functions of virus populations leads to a conclusion about their full compliance of the Darvinian theory of natural selection, moreover – the highest point of development for any possible populations movable according to the Darvinian theory.As a world outlook problem emergence of an essential contradiction of dialectic character between the principle of maximizing a resources consumption populations following from the theory of generalization and a cornerstone of modern natural sciences – the principle of the smallest action moves forward. More detailed consideration of mechanisms of generalization for separate population, led to establishment of abstract equivalence of models of generalizatsionny modification of population and the optical quantum generator (laser) that allowed to offer the materialistic theory of development of a passionarity in populations. Development of population in space of resources, when imposing casual processes of dissipation of attributes, passing under control of generalization process, leads to unique attributive fixing of history of population. It is the cause for introduction to a concept turn: "an unikalization of attributes of population" which means emergence and fixing of uniqueness of any population eventually as the law inherent in all populations.Research of mechanisms of an unikalization for any population, leads to conclusions about basic impossibility of extrapolation of coordinates of population in time. However interpolation, on condition of continuous submission of objects of the theory of generalization, is quite feasible.  Consideration of intra population information processes through a generalization prism, allows to break all space of data carriers, rather certain population, into three subspaces: meta-biotic, attributive and sub-biotic. Thus axiomatically is accepted that development of new information carriers happens through their inclusion in attributive processes in the beginning, and then there is them "a secondary development", as intra population alarm processes. The offered information model, actually, is knowledge model world around populations with assimilation of new information carriers. The theory of generalization with extraordinary ease consider "trade of the Creator" whoever he was. Thus the model is absolutely indifferent rather moral estimates of actions of "Creator".To unexpected conclusions I provided the comparative analysis of the term "destiny", in application to a certain subject, and consideration of one-object impact of ambivalent generalization. Trigger functions of ascertaining of coincidence of functional requirements and external conditions, for the above concepts, were identical that, apparently, allows to speak about the theory of generalization, as about local abstract expression of the law "destinies" for any object in any population.
Cybernetics and programming, 2014-3
Apartsev O.R. - Algebra of Generalization theory pp. 65-90


Abstract: The article continues provision of a rationale for a new philosophic point of view on the processes of Life and Consciousness, using Population Dynamics as the main mechanism of evolution of biological, psychic, social, and other systems. The presented study is the first step in developing mathematical analysis of population dynamics with the use of Ambivalent Generalization Theory for building an operational mathematical system for simulations and studies of arbitrary populations. Simplicity and consistency of the Theory allows not only to solve qualitative problems in the fields of different sciences, but also to build models of natural populations with any level of approximation to the original, if we ignore the limitations of the available computing power and the knowability of the initial parameters of these populations. The author is purposely not looking for a specific field of application for the new Algebra to focus the attention exactly on the methodological part of the universal approach. In fact, the article presents quite simple adaptation of the Ambivalent Generalization Theory on the language of mathematical objects, such as vectors and matrixes. The author expects a wide field of appliance for the new Algebra, and, if it so happens, it will be consequence of the ambiguity of the Ambivalent Generalization Theory in the description of the laws of populations evolving. In that case Ambivalent Generalization Theory will be a step on the way of giving mathematical basis for both biological and social sciences. For further stressing out the importance of such direction of development as the Theory of Population Dynamics the author points out one of the main conclusions of Generalization Theory, which is in the fact, that development of populations, in itself, is a mechanism for world perception and that the development of the Generalization Theory Algebra may become a new tool for materialistic scientific knowledge.
Philosophical Thought, 2014-2
Apartsev O.R. - Information Approach to Biodynamics pp. 37-70


Abstract: In article the philosophical problem of existence of Life in the form of the live objects united in populations is investigated. The approach, allowing consideration of a problem of such complexity, is the datalogical description of population processes based on abstract representation of objects with an identification of concrete object and a set of its individual qualities, and also taking note of the dissipation expressed in a logical look. Basic refusal of consideration of the internal device of live objects allows to universalize the theory and to make far-reaching generalizations. The main research method is the sophistical studying of objects which is based on:- The Ekstravertny analysis, allowing creation of elements of abstract models, proceeding only from external manifestations of real objects;- The axiomatic declaration, i.e. use of hypothetical objects without proofs of existence of their real prototypes;- The mental experiment which is carrying out the deduktsionny analysis of model processes and their comparison with the real;- Logical analysis, as instrument of establishment of relationships of cause and effect and generation of conclusions.Materialistic justification of equivalence of the physical and chemical processes accompanying processes of Life, and the datalogical model describing exchange interactions in abstract population is presented. Efficiency of the description of intra population interaction by means of certain exchange particles is shown. The reasons of a low obnaruzhimost of real exchange particles in biological populations are discussed. Assumptions of the reasons of origin of these particles in wildlife are made.Research of interaction of biological objects among themselves and the environment, expressed in information representation, proves emergence of collective intra population mechanisms of extensive and intensive development of any population. Quite system explanation of the Phenomenon of emergence of floors became unexpected result heuristic, but.Perhaps, the main result of research was finding of the general regularity of development of any populations, the Theory which have received the name of Ambivalent Generalization. The analysis based on the Theory of Ambivalent Generalization, allows to explain many phenomena which are beyond (Darvinian) Theory of Natural Selection, besides, that the Theory of Natural Selection, actually, is part of the offered theory.To extraordinary consequences of application of the Theory of Generalization, it is necessary to carry the Law of Maximizing Resource Consumption for any population. Information approach allows to create basis for the analytical description of dynamics of population. In the elementary case this task is reduced to consideration of interaction of Two-level Information Processes. Results of work consist not only in creation of model of development of biological populations, but also transformations of the existing world outlook doctrines connected with existence and development of Life can promote.
Psychologist, 2014-1
Apartsev O.R. - Ultrabiotic Generalization pp. 55-93


Abstract: In offered work the area of studied populations is displaced in the direction "not the quite biotic" of populations. The choice of such direction is set in the assumption of possibility of generation by populations of biotics certain the populyatsiobraznykh of objects of not biotic nature, and also, search of explanations of phenomena the ekstravertnykh of manifestations of the advanced biotizm which is beyond ordinary model of biotic population, even at investment of biotics with alarm functions. The research methodology, as well as earlier, consists in consecutive application to any considered populations of the Theory of Ambivalent Generalization. It is necessary to refer nature definition to the key methodical moments кредов - intra population exchange particles, and also, clarification of features of interaction with resources and an other essential environment of population. Discussion of possible contact with populations of a "extraterrestrial" origin, within the Generalization Theory, showed that this approach doesn't create mechanisms of an ekstraordinarnost of a biotizm, reducing its results to standard heterotypical reactions. In further researches it was supposed that "not quite biotic" populations arise only as derivative objects of activity of biotics. Studying of some test populations suitable under definition "not quite biotic", showed existence of these objects in dual space of factors: surrounding space and consciousness - a certain internal attributive mechanism of advanced biotics. Research of test populations showed full compliance of dynamics of such populations of the Theory of Ambivalent Generalization. All "not biotic" objects were given the general name - "ultrabiotics", with a localization place - in "consciousness" of the developed biotics where they arise and exist as objects concepts. Actually, ultrabiotics prove as interface котрагент for development by biotics of surrounding meta-biotic space outside direct contact. Generalization of all space of interaction Ultrabiotikov with world around received the name "Biokosm" in which it is possible to allocate physical, social (population) and abstract subspaces on an object prevalence. For consciousnesses mechanism disclosure, the simplified model of individual "consciousness" of a separate biotic for which realization the model of neural population is used is offered, is more exact: populations the kommensalnykh of attributive logical objects – extract of logical functions of neurons. Conclusions about specific properties of development of logical attributives of neural populations, and about their submission of the Theory of Generalization that allows to declare "consciousness" as about Unikalization's process in population of neurons became result of such approach.In the described ultrabiotic model it is possible to investigate the reason of emergence of two philosophical dialectically irreconcilable doctrines: idealism and materialism. The dual space of attributes of each ultrabiotic creates the conflict which essence is reduced to the competition of a choice of one of two reference systems: or connected with the interface function between a biotic and the world, or - with function of the internal logical analysis of a biotic. By complex of consecutive consideration of population objects it is shown that the Theory of Ambivalent Generalization is the uniform propeller of development of populations in the direction (The lifeless nature) → (Biotizm) → (Consciousness) → (Biokosm) that is, in fact, the mechanism of expansion of Biotizm in the Universe. The presented picture of Biokosm extending in the Universe in whom in each timepoint and in each point the Theory of Ambivalent Generalization which is the uniform law for all biotic processes is executed, allows to draw a conclusion on existence of the large-scale invariancy created by Generalization that is expressed in fractality of manifestation of Biotizm.
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