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Publications of Lekhanova Faina Matveevna
Pedagogy and education, 2017-4
Khoroshikh P.P., Gudkov Y.E., Lekhanova F.M. - Gender Approach to Classification of Folk Games pp. 18-23


Abstract: The article is devoted to the role of gender component in the structure of national games. The author notes that the theory of gender is growing more important for pedagogical psychology and development of child's personality. It is important to take into account that ethnocultural and ethnopedagogical potential plays an important role in gender socialisation and influences the development of child's personality. According to the authors of the article, existing folk games may be classified taking into account gender approach that allows to define three potential groups: muscline, feminine, and androgyne. As an example, the authors analyze folk games of Southern Yakutia Evenks. Each of the folk game described by the authors relates to this or that gender group and develops particular personality traits of a child. The authors offer their own classification of folk games based on the gender approach which allows to expand the scope of folk game research. Gender aspect is one of important components in the general structure of national pedagogics and affects the development of child's personality and his or her general idea of what is 'man-like' or 'woman-like'. 
Psychologist, 2016-5
Proshkina V.A., Khoroshikh P.P., Sergievich A.A., Lekhanova F.M. - Gender Stereotypes and Gender Identity of Youth of the North: Comparative Analysis pp. 7-11


Abstract: The article deals with one of the most pressing issues of modern gender psychology - the changing gender identity of the youth. The authors of the article present the results of the study on the gender identity of modern youth from the Northern areas of the Far Eastern district of the Russian Federation and adherence to gender stereotypes as well as the comparative analysis of the relationship between personality traits and a proposed gender-based portrait of the same gender person. The research is based on the model offered by S. Bam. The results of the research have shown that there is a shift in gender roles of today's youth. In the portrait of modern females the girls indicate masculine traits. This indicates the formation of a new strategy of women's behaviour in Russian society - the equation with men in psychological terms. Men along with masculinity traits also indicate femininity traits which indicates the decline in their level of internal aggression. Thus, the shift of gender roles occurs in both gender directions. It is also worth noting that a certain class of people with an androgynous behavioural style has been defined by the authors which indicates a "transitional" stage in the shift of gender attitudes. The concentration of more than half of the respondents in the field of androgyny opens new perspectives for further research in this area of scientific knowledge
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