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Publications of Trofimov Mikhail
Psychology and Psychotechnics, 2018-3
Smirnov M., Trofimov M. - Vital and Tanatal Orientation of Creative Activity pp. 128-137


Abstract: The subject of research in this article is creative activity. The authors raise the problem associated with the role of creative activity in human life. After all, this activity can have a different impact on man and the world. The authors are trying to find a criterion according to which creative activity can be assessed as contributing to the development of life or death. Having defined the concept of "creative activity", the authors distinguish two types of orientation of creative activity: vital and tanatual. Further, the authors characterize the vital and tantalum orientation of creative activity. In this study, we used the methods of comparative and theoretical analysis, as well as the analysis of scientific literature. The novelty of the research lies in the fact that the authors are trying to more clearly define the concept of "creative activity". In particular, they are trying to distinguish the concept of "creative activity" from the concept of "creative activity." Using the Hegelian term "withdrawal," the authors try to find a criterion according to which creative activity could be characterized as tantal or vital.The main conclusions of the study are:1. Unlike creative activity, which can be forced, creative activity is always a creative initiative. It can be vital and tantalno oriented.2. The vital orientation of creative activity lies in the fact that this activity is aimed at the removal of actual contradictions existing in the world. Tanatal orientation of creative activity is manifested in its focus on exacerbating the existing contradictions in the world, and not on their removal.
Psychology and Psychotechnics, 2017-2
Smirnov M., Trofimov M. - Imprinting as a Mechanism of Moral Behavior Formation pp. 33-44


Abstract: The object of this research is personal moral values. The subject of the research is imprinting as a mechanism of moral behavior formation. The authors of the article provide a general description of moral values and analyze the role that imprinting may perform in the process of moral development. They also offer a definitin of the concept 'moral imprinting', define and analyse informative and fixing functions of moral imprinting. According to the authors, moral impriting is a series of imprinted behavioral patterns that transmit the experience of learning values and ideas related to the in-depth grounds of intellectual culture. In their research the authors have used methods of comparative and theoretical analysis as well as analysis of academic literature. The authors base their research article on ethologists' researches as well as researchers who have dealt with the problems of the mind functioning and morals and values. The main conclusions of the research are as follows: 1) Moral imprinting is a series of imprinted (perceived) behavioral patterns that transmit the experience of learning values and ideals related to the in-depth grounds of intellectual culture. 2) Functions of imprinting include information and fixation. Informative function allows to receive information in the form of a sensual image that has a certain mental influence on an individual. Fixing function is a fixation of perceived data in the form of emotionally important images. The scientific novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the authors give a definition of 'moral imprinting', define and describe the main functions of moral imprinting. 
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