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Publications of Bzezian Anastasiia
Psychologist, 2017-5
Shkurko T.A., Serikov G.V., Bzezian A. - The Transformation of the System of Relations with Other People Demonstrated by Russian Migrant Workers as a Result of their Psychological Acculturation in Azerbaijan pp. 12-25


Abstract: The article presents the results of the empirical research of manifestation of socio-psychological needs and relations to others demonstrated by Russian migrant workers and Azerbaijanians living in Baku. The object of the empirical study were 90 men, middle-rank managers, aged from 20-40 years, Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan citizens, 20 people) and Russians (citizens of Russia living and working in Baku, 70 people). The purpose of the research was to analyze dynamics of socio-psychological needs and attitudes to other people demonstrated by migrant working living in Azerbaijan depending on their experience in communication with indigenous citizens. To diagnose three basic socio-psychological needs (one's own and that required of others during social group interaction, control over others and building close emotional relations), the authors have used William Schutz' Interpersonal Relations Inventory adapted by A. Rukavishnikov. To diagnose the intensity and modality of relations with others, the author of the present article has used a set of methods adapted by Yu. Mendzheritsky that includes: Bunt's Manipulation Scale, Fey's Acceptance of Others Scale, Rosenberg's Faith in People Scale, Cambell's Friendliness Scale, and Cook-Medley Hostility Scale (subscales: cynicism, aggression and hospitablity). The results of the research show that there are significant differences in the expression of socio-psychological needs and modalities of relations to other people as to the Azerbaijani and the Russians living and working in Baku. The dynamics of the intensity of the manifestation of socio-psychological needs and modalities of relations to others demonstrated by Russian migrant workers living in Baku is described, depending on the time of their stay in this socio-cultural environment. It is shown that changes in the system of relations with other people in Russian migrant workers are going towards building relations with others, demonstrated by the representatives of the Azerbaijani ethnic group.
National Security, 2014-3
Bzezian A. -


Psychology and Psychotechnics, 2014-1
Bzezian A. -


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