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Publications of Ponachugin Aleksandr Viktorovich
Software systems and computational methods, 2016-3
Ponachugin A.V., Sokruta V.V. - The Data Storage System as a Factor in Increasing the Efficiency of Information Systems


Abstract: In their article the authors discuss ways to improve the performance of the enterprise by increasing the speed of access to data bases and overall system reliability. They study the characteristics of the data storage systems such as IOPS (the number of input-output operations per second), types of storage devices and how they connect. The authors also analyze specific scenarios of using data storate systems depending on their process connections and other basic characteristics as well as their application at the enterprise. The authors discuss further ways to expand the disk space and actions to be undertaken during when scaling of enterprise computing networks taking into account the emergence of new hybrid storage solutions based on flash memory. At the beginning of the article the authors discuss types of data storage and compares data storage sytems depending on enterprise objectives. They also study methods to select connections as well as advantages and disadvantages of each of them by studying the specifications and features of the software and hardware storage systems. The impact of IOPS on the speed of getting access to databases is also analyzed. The authors provide a table where characteristics of various data storage systems are compared. As a result of the work they identify specific patterns of using the storage system for small and medium-sized enterprises. This approach to the problem allows to create a flexible solution that does not require the complete replacement of the equipment by increasing the required disk space and connecting additional servers, thus improving the economic and process efficiency of the enterprise. 
Software systems and computational methods, 2016-1
Ponachugin A.V., Odintsov I.V. - Control system for Spotting Out Online UsersТ Unauthorized Activity


Abstract: The article is devoted to the main types of users’ unauthorized activity and analysis of existing approaches to the data security on the Internet, their design and technical implementation features. The authors of the article examine the control system designated not only to monitor but also to prevent malicious activity in corporate computer network. The authors also demonstrate the construction of the security system as one of the main organization departments and the system maintenance after it has been implemented. The authors provide the list of the main information leakage channels. After that, the authors unfold the problem step by step from the methods used by intruders to get unauthorized access to the corporate computer network to the actions the data protection system must perform. The authors describe the full chain of actions to be completed by the security system. The results of the research allow to compare the existing methods and services protecting the computer network from unauthorized access both outside and inside the enterprise. The authors also develop the recurrence scheme for creating the security system, outline the scope of functions to be performed and analyze the security of the services used.
Software systems and computational methods, 2015-4
Ponachugin A.V. - Problems of functioning and maintenance reliability of modern computer systems


Abstract: In the middle of the last century the problem of functioning and maintenance reliability has acquired the status of scientific. This was facilitated by the active development of computer systems. Implementation and support of information systems are long, difficult and complicated processes, which affect how the future interactions between users and the system. The article discusses various approaches to the allocation and use of time required for supporting information system. Author analyzes the importance of supporting information system at all stages of its life cycle. Author reviews different approaches to ensuring the reliability of the operation and maintenance of the various classes of information systems. The article gives a defined list of recommendations for ensuring functioning of the information system at different levels of management. The study shows an analysis of existing software and hardware tools and methods related to maintenance and reliable functioning of information systems. The author concludes: the maintenance of computer systems is equally important at all stages of the life cycle and occupies a considerable share of time in the work of the information technology department and is inextricably linked with the indicators of reliability of information systems. Also, the author suggests the technique of the use of software tools for the control of characteristics of information system.
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