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Publications of Prygunova Maria Igorevna
Theoretical and Applied Economics, 2016-4
Elshin L.A., Gayazov Z.F., Prygunova M.I. - Methodological Approaches to Scenario Forecastign of the System of Public Catering in Russian Regions pp. 121-131


Abstract: The subject of the research is a set of factors defining unique parameters of the development of regional public catering systems. The sector of public catering plays an important role in Russia's population employment just like in all developed countries (the share of people employed in the public catering sector reaches 0.92% of the total number of employed people). It is also important for the development of small and medium businesses (the share of business entities working in the sphere of public catering is 1.27% of the total number of business enterprises), and tourist sphere. The authors of the article emphasize the need for the differentiated approach to analyzing regional development strategies of the aforesaid economic sector. Based on that, the authors present results of the cluster analysis which allows to divide Russian Federation regions into groups depending on the key factors of the public catering development. The authors' contributoin to the topic is that they offer their own algorithm for identifying key areas in accordance with the defined peculiarities of the regional development. Quite interesting (from the research point of view) is a discovedred fact that for a number of regions referred to clusters 'Leaders', 'Outsiders' and 'Prospective Leaders', the dynamics of investments into the main capital in the sphere of public catering did not have a considerable influence on the dynamics of the turnover in the aforesaid economic sector. This creates a research basis for studying alternative factors of increasing the turnover. 
Theoretical and Applied Economics, 2015-4
Elshin L.A., Prygunova M.I. - Evaluation and Prospects for the Development of the Investment Potential of Russia's Chemical Industry: Structure-Logical Analysis pp. 11-33


Abstract: Object of research are features and regularities of formation of foreign investments in chemical industry. As object of research the chemical industry of the Russian Federation in general and its separate types of economic activity acts. Authors in detail consider such aspects of a subject as dependence between the level of specialization of chemical industry of the region and its investment appeal, and on this basis critical values of the indicators of specialization attractive to growth of investment activity from foreign investors come to light.The special attention is paid to questions of the analysis of volatility of chemical production Russian Federation as a result of change of external and internal tactical factors, for definition of a complex assessment of investment appeal of the analyzed economy sector. The methodology of research is based on use of tools of mathematical statistics, and also methods of the structural and logical analysis defining interrelations and interdependence between the studied phenomena. The main conclusion of the conducted research is justification of a hypothesis of inverse relationship of level of specialization of capital-intensive productions of chemical industry and level of the attracted foreign investments. Special contribution of authors is development of methodological approaches to studying and justification of the main mechanisms of an intensification of investment activity from foreign agents. Novelty of research consists in justification of need of carrying out the structural transformations directed on growth of a share of the productions of chemical industry generating the high level of a value added. These sectors of chemical production are capable to create the favorable conditions of attraction of investments directed on growth of global competitiveness of products. Production with the low level of repartition doesn't promote the motivational growth of optimization of economic processes owing to their high competitiveness in the world markets in view of limitation of resources and developments of investment activity don't create progressive conditions.
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