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Publications of Voroncova Julija
Psychologist, 2019-2
Voroncova J. - Conceptual and Empirical Ideas on Attention and Functional States of Drivers pp. 28-36


Abstract: In her research Vorontsova provides analysis of fundamental and modern Russian and foreign approaches to the phenomenon of attention and mental states and their interdependence. The matter under research is psychological determinants of road accident risk. The focus of the research is on conceptual, theoretical, interdisciplinary approaches to studying psychological determinants of high road accident risk as a result of changes in the mental state and attention. The author examines such aspects of the topic as mental states, in particular, unbalance. She pays special attention to the interdependence between mental states and psychic processes, particularly, attention, the latter being one of the most important professional qualities for safe driving. Vorontsova specifies issues covered by modern researches of attention and mental states of drivers as well as attitude of researchers to the predicted level of road safety. The main methodological principle of the research includes the principle of systematicity, determinism and development. The main conclusion of the research is that there are certain gaps in conceptual and empirical concepts that describe the relationship between mental states and attention. The author's contributon to the topic is a full analysis of Russian and foreign researches on the matter as well as a focus on systemtic psychological factors that ensure safe driving as well as areas for further research and analysis.
Psychologist, 2016-1
Voroncova J., Ermolaev V. . - Conception of Lithuanian Seniors «Generation Z» about their Future Family pp. 1-12


Abstract: The article presents the results of researching on the subject of communication of conception about their future family from the digital generation (for example, the Z seniors), and inherent mores.  The authors in detail considers such aspects of a subject as continuously growing tendency to growth of number of incomplete families, as a result of numerous rastorzheniye of marriages, proving by that relevance of studying of a problem of transformation of institute of a family. The special attention is paid by authors to ideas of digital generation of the future family and ethical standards, their balance in system of social representations. At digital generation were applied to research of content of ideas of future family and expressiveness of ethical standards: technique of stereometric testing (Garber E. I., V. V. Kozacha); express technique of an assessment of the relation to observance of ethical standards (Kupreychenko A. B. In system of social representations of younger generation (generation of Z) communications between ideas of the future family and ethical standards were investigated. The following conclusions have been formulated: ideas of seniors of the future family aren't connected with their ethical standards; unbalance of system of ethical standards at the Lithuanian seniors.
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