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Publications of Sviridov Vyacheslav Ivanovich
Theoretical and Applied Economics, 2016-1
Gorbatenko S.A., Komov V.G., Sviridov V.I. - Russia's Food Strategy Needs to Be Improved pp. 34-44


Abstract: The subject of the research is the food market of the country functioning in the conditions of embargo action. It is revealed that any of the main components of food strategy of Russia isn't carried out in full. It is caused by primary support of large agricultural producers while small forms of agrobusiness need it, first of all. Low efficiency of anti-sanctions measures is proved, need of their cancellation is proved. It is also established that because of a low share of producers of agricultural raw materials in the price of finished goods, rural toilers have no sufficient motivation in increase in production and it is one of the reasons of shortage of the food in the country. A methodological basis of work were dialectic and system approach, and also econometric methods of research (abstract and logical, economical and statistical, etc.) . Justification of need of cancellation of preferential crediting of economic entities of agrarian and industrial complex because of a high corruption component of the mechanism of distribution of soft loans, and the direction of the released funds for decrease in a uniform credit rate for all agricultural producers therefore equal conditions of managing in branch will be created is result of research. New approaches in subsidizing of the created wholesale distribution centers at the heart of which priority formation of the municipal cooperative logistic centers in close proximity to agricultural producers, at 50% to the state support are offered. The received results of research can be used when forming food strategy at the federal and regional level in the conditions of geopolitical uncertainty.
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