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Publications of Sharova Veronika
Politics and Society, 2017-7
Sharova V. - Leaning towards the right: will the right-wing populists drown unified Europe? pp. 9-21


Abstract: More and more often, the parties winning the European elections are usually referred to as “ultraconservative”, “nationalistic”, “ultra-right-wing”, etc. An attempt is made to analyze the general and particular specificities of these organizations, identify whether such tendency is interrelated with the certain issues of the European Union, such as the crisis phenomena in economy, changes in migrants’ flow, or it is rather a new sustainable trend in the European political party life. Accent is made on such ideological aspects of the modern European right-wing, as a criticism of multiculturalism, particularly interpretation of the “traditional European values” as a whole. Based on the analysis of rhetoric of a number of representatives of the right-wing falange of European politics and comparative results of the nationalistic parties of European countries at the elections, the article reveals the general trends in the European politics and public moods. The right-wing trend in the European politics remains a new and polemical phenomenon, the causes and sustainability of which are being contested. The author attempts to establish correlation between the objective sociopolitical processes in the European countries and their reflection in the public policy, since there also are responses and parallels in modern Russia.  
Philosophy and Culture, 2016-6
Sharova V. - Russian world as a form of geocultural integration (to certain positions of P. B. Struve theory of culture)


Abstract: The subject of this article is the analysis of integration possibilities and disintegration risks of the “Russian world” – a phenomenon that lately has attained a new sound, as well as became a subject for an extensive public discussion. The author makes an accent on the fact that the “Russian world” concept was being formed simultaneously in several platitudes: political, ethnical, economic, and cultural; thus the specificity of such phenomenon should undergo a comprehensive examination. Special attention is given to the issue of how the “Russian world” became an element of the Russian political culture; how harmoniously and/or controversially it combines ethnical, imperial, and national beginnings; which practical meanings can be determined with regards to this notion today. Based on the analysis of the theories on the heritage of the Russian philosophical thought, an attempt was made to translate a number of positions, associated with the “Russian world” concept, upon the modern sociopolitical reality of Russia, as well as critically apprehend the positive, promising, and potentially dangerous variants of interpretation of this notion in the current context. An impression can be formed that the term “Russian world” is an element of the present political language. At the same time, the attempts to mark the limits of the Russian world and to find its conceptual seed are taking place over a decade, and are certainly located not just in the political rhetoric, but also have a vivid philosophical aim.  The article presents a number of conclusions pertaining to the current stage of existence of the Russian world, which has to overcome the inner contradictions, and continues developing in the conditions of significant geopolitical shifts and complication of the sociopolitical space.
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