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Publications of Martianov Viktor Sergeevich
Sociodynamics, 2016-3
Martianov V.S. - Expansion of trust as a background condition of the late modernity pp. 16-22


Abstract: The subject of this article is the analysis of the noneconomic conditions of transition of communities from modernity to late modernity. In the conditions of late modernity among important noneconomic factors of further progress of society there is a great increase of the role of the noneconomic factors of development, first and foremost, of individual and institutional trust. The value of trust in the process of its expansion and institutionalization allows lowering the transactional costs in all important spheres of life of the society. Nevertheless, despite all the advantages of such transition, the paradox lies the fact that within the practical (semi-) peripheral capitalist societies we can observe stability of individual and institutional strategies of mistrust. In the course of the conducted research, using the theories of cooperation games in the conditions of incomplete information it is revealed that the economic advantages of expanded trust for the sphere of market exchange that dominates the post-modern societies, are theoretically proven and empirically verifiable. In this context, on the example of modern Russia, the article examines the situation of leveling of the previously achieved value-institutional stages of trust.  
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