Cybernetics and programming
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Publications of Shlyanin Sergey
Cybernetics and programming, 2016-2
Raeckiy A., Shlyanin S., Ermakova L. - The development of "Portfolio SibGIU" plug-in for УMoodleФ learning management system pp. 52-61


Abstract: The object of the research is electronic portfolio of a student, the subject of the research is development of an information system allowing to form an electronic portfolio characterizing individual achievements of a student in six areas of activity: "Educational activities in primary education program"; "Research activities"; "Other educational achievement"; "Social activity"; "Cultural and creative activity"; "Sports activities". Efficient operation of the information system required differentiation of access permissions for different user groups: students, portfolio moderators and administrators. The information system is implemented as a separate module, plug-in for “Moodle” learning management system. At creation an information system "Portfolio SibGIU" authors used deduction method, in which for a variety of private signs a conclusion about the common set of studied attributes is made. The authors also analyzed existing plug-in “Exabis EPortfolio”. The main result is the development and implementation of "Portfolio SibGIU" information software system, which is currently being used and is a part of the electronic educational environment of Siberian State Industrial University. An important feature of the system is a dynamic formation in the portfolio in the "Educational activities in primary education program" category by synchronizing uploaded to Moodle works (files) of a student, the results of passing the tests in Moodle and reviews and final grades on completed assignments given to a student by a teacher in Moodle e-course. Using of the information system showed that the work with the system does not pose any difficulties for the students or for the moderators. The student is able to upload the documents confirming personal achievements in various fields into the portfolio. Every student action is reviewed by a moderator, which improves the quality of content and helps avoiding  errors in the formation of the portfolio. "Portfolio SibGIU" information system meets the requirements of the FGOS 3+ and provides the accumulation, classification and registration of a set of electronic documents describing the student's individual achievements in various fields of activity.
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