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Publications of Ermakova Liudmila
Cybernetics and programming, 2019-2
Raeckiy A., Shlyanin S., Ermakova L. - The implementation of the differentiation of access rights in the "Portfolio SibGIU" information system pp. 44-54


Abstract: The object of the study is the information system for the formation of the student's electronic portfolio. The subject of the research is the organization of the differentiation of access rights for different groups of users: students, portfolio moderators and administrators. The rights, functions and interface of each user group of the information system are considered in detail. A mechanism is described that allows the Siberian State Industrial University Portfolio information system to define a new right for LMS Moodle, which gives the Moodle user the ability to view all categories of files in the portfolio, as well as a report on the group's activities. When creating an information system, the deduction method was used, in which, for a variety of particular features, a conclusion was made about the total population of the features studied, as well as a method for analyzing the existing 4portfolio software. The main result of the work is the implementation of differentiation of access rights in the information system “Siberian State Industrial University Portfolio”, due to which the plugin defines three roles: the user, the moderator of the portfolio and the administrator. The users are university students who can upload documents to the portfolio confirming personal achievements in various activities, and each of their actions is controlled by a moderator assigned to the group, which improves the quality of filling and avoids errors in the formation of the portfolio. To control the process of filling the portfolio in the information system "Siberian State Industrial University Portfolio" reports of various levels of detail are generated, reflecting the results of the work of both moderators and users. To realize the possibility of viewing the contents of a student portfolio by registered users of LMS Moodle, the Siberian State Industrial University Portfolio information system defines a new right in LMS Moodle.
Cybernetics and programming, 2015-6
Basin N.A., Ermakova L., Shendrikov A. - The development of subsystems of the automated scheduling the movie renting system of a cinema center. pp. 71-84


Abstract: The object of research is the process of scheduling the movie renting system of a cinema center. The subject of research is the development of a automated scheduling subsystem which allows to minimize the idle time of a cinema center. When making a schedule it is important to take into account a number of restrictions of movie rental companies, exclude the possibility of simultaneous display of one film in different cinema rooms (with the exception of films, which are very popular with the lack of availability in other cinema rooms), ensure that the best show time goes to the movies with the box office sales. When developing a subsystem of automated scheduling the authors used method of deduction, in which a conclusion about a common set studied attributes is made based on a variety of partial signs, method of analysis and method of mathematical modeling. The main result of the research is the developed software solution based on 1C:Enterprise for automated scheduling the movie renting system of a cinema center while taking into account existing criteria and restrictions. Novelty is that based on the list of movies specified by the user the subsystem forms a mathematical entity of an objective function and limitations of the system and transfers it to an optimizer. As the result while making a schedule the user uses only the information system of a cinema center. For the end-user it is not necessary to deal with the interface to other programs and modules, as well as the mathematical notation of the objective function and the constraints of the system. Currently the automated scheduling subsystem is integrated in the work process of the network of cinemas "Planeta Kino" and has been successfully used for a year.
Cybernetics and programming, 2015-4
Basin N.A., Ermakova L., Shendrikov A. - Creating an online ticket booking system for "Planeta Kino" cinema theater network pp. 72-77


Abstract: The authors study the online-booking process, the subject of the study is an information system of network of cinemas. Based on the analysis of the existing information system network of cinemas the authors define the requirements for the system on-line ticket booking. The online booking module, implemented by means of the PHP, MySQL database and CSS, has the following functionality: the possibility to book tickets for the movie sessions (up to 6 tickets); displaying the date of a movie session with the day of the week as additional information; displaying the time of the end of a movie session, for the convenient of time planning for cinema audiences; showing the genre of the film, its duration and age restriction; presenting special offers and the average ticket price; previewing  the occupancy of the cinema hall, without going to a separate Web page. The authors used by the method of deduction in which the conclusion on a common set of features is made based on a variety of partial signs. The authors also analyzed the existing module of online tickets booking of UCS Premiera. Developed online booking module was integrated with the information base cinema (1C: Enterprise). The booking system was tested during three months and then implemented in the "Planeta Kino" network of cinemas. Implementation of the online booking module enhances the role of the client's participation in the work of cinema, thus allowing the system to refer to the level of CSRP-Systems.
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