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Publications of Potaturov Vasilii Aleksandrovich
Sociodynamics, 2016-1
Potaturov V.A. - Culture in the space of the modern megamachine pp. 273-300


Abstract: The subject of this article is the research on the role of “megamachine” in the establishment of the modern technogenic civilization, as well as the analysis if the interrelation between the modern society and “megamachine”. The article also conducts analysis of the causes that substantiate the ecological crisis on the planet, which can be qualified as a manifestation of the cultural crisis, and the correlation between the “megamachine” and the emerged in the XX century based in its functioning “consumer society”, the main concept of which became a so-called “mass culture” – foundation the modern Western civilization. An expressive phenomenon here is the complicated dialectics of the contradictory process of the correlation between culture and socio-technical component of the modern civilization, which is often referred as “megamachine”. A special attention is given to the negative trends and their causes, associated with the existing contradiction between the fundamental grounds, which comprise the base for culture and civilization. The author’s main conclusion consists in the fact that the modern global society has come to a certain quality milestone, the meaning of which is yet not clear for many. The current socio-economic, political, and cultural challenges of the modern era require its theoretical reasoning and methodological reflection in order to deeper and better understand the essence of the modern era, as well as devise strategies for the future civilized development. Nevertheless, certain crises phenomena in the development of the society, allow us speaking of the factors that led to this milestone today. Among the major factors are the deep contradictions that emerged in the process of development of the technogenic civilization, within the framework of which the Western socio-cultural project is being realized.
Man and Culture, 2015-3
Potaturov V.A. - Informatization of Education as a Cultural Issue pp. 1-40


Abstract: In the presented work as object of research the fundamental contradiction between culture and a civilization which began to be shown especially sharply at a stage of transformation of industrial society in the information phase acts, one of sides of manifestation of this contradiction is process of informatization of society and in particular, in the field of the higher education.Object of research is studying of quality of education, especially humanitarian block connected with introduction in educational process of modern information, computer technologies. In research the special attention is paid to the culturological analysis of the reasons and factors, those negative tendencies which take place at the higher school in connection with wide use of informatization and a computerization in educational process. As practice shows these results in many respects contradictory and even the negative. In work the author concentrated the attention, first of all, on the analysis of the objective reasons which lead to such results. Using, mainly culturological approach, the author estimates results of work of the higher school in the sphere of informatization through a prism of criteria of culture. That, in our opinion, allows to see not only these results including negative, but to understand the nature of these reasons. As the main method of research the dialectic method of consideration and the analysis of the contradictions arising in the course of interaction of culture and a civilization including in its such aspect where the culture and a civilization interact in a particular treatment - in education where today means of informatization and computer technologies are widely used was used. On the basis of the analysis of the available facts the author comes to a conclusion about that, education this that area of human, cultural space where means of civilization impact on the person are not always adequate to his nature, and before in the sphere of knowledge, knowledge and formation of outlook and the cultural environment. Therefore absolutization of means of electronic influence and information support in education aren't always useful, and in the sphere of humanitarian preparation yield negative results. Oblivion of traditional methods of work with students, absolutization of the knowledge paradigm, to the detriment of the principles of education, narrows formation at future citizens of the country of human qualities. Without development human in the person - development of society is impossible. Eventually, not equipment and technology have to operate the world, and the person.Novelty of work consists in a new foreshortening of consideration of a problem, in those culturological approaches and criteria which will help to understand better the burning issues connected with improvement of quality of modern education. The criteria of culture which are initial in an assessment of university graduates allow to find the new methodological and methodical tools promoting development of more effective technologies in educational process.
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