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Publications of Menshchikov Alexander Alexeevich
Cybernetics and programming, 2017-2
Menshchikov A.A., Sukhostat V.V., Gatchin Y. - Methodological aspects of the development of the digital textbook on information security pp. 49-58


Abstract: This article is devoted to the methodological aspects of the development of the digital textbook on information security. The authors analyze types of textbooks and the key requirements for their development. Special attention is paid to the study of the modern approaches to the electronic textbooks design. The practical orientation of the study imposes higher requirements for digital textbooks and laboratory materials. The article  describes the key stages of the textbook development process, as well as the tools for textbook creation.The authors used the following methods in their studies: analysis of the basic principles of the digital textbook design and synthesis for obtaining practice-oriented results.The most important effect of the study  may be found in the sphere of development and implementation of a software prototype for a digital textbook which is an efficient tool for mastering the material and obtaining practical skills on information security
Software systems and computational methods, 2016-4
Menshchikov A.A., Komarova A.V., Gatchin Y., Polev A.V. - Development of a system for automatic categorization of web-page


Abstract: This article reviews the problems of automatic processing of web content. Since the speed of obsolescence of information in the global network is very high, the problem of prompt extraction of the necessary data from the Internet becomes more urgent. The research focuses on the web resources that contain text, unadapted to the automated processing. The subject of the research is a set of software and methods. A particular attention is paid to the categorization of ads placed on specialized websites. The authors also review practical aspects of the development of a universal architecture of information-gathering systems. The following methods were used during this study: analytical review of the main principles of development of systems of automated information gathering and analysis of natural languages. For obtaining practice-oriented methods of synthesis and analysis results were used. A special contribution of the authors of the study is in developing an automated system for collecting, processing and classification of the information contained on the web-site. The novelty of the research is to use a new approach to solve this problem by taking into account the semantics and structure characteristic for specific sites. The main conclusions of the study are the applicability and effectiveness of the classification method for solving this problem.
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