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Publications of Karyakin Vladimir Vasil'evich
Conflict Studies / nota bene, 2015-4
Karyakin V.V. - Definition and paradigms of geopolitical studies


Abstract: This article focuses on the modern definition of and paradigms of geopolitical studies that reflect the multidimensional nature of the geopolitical space in the era of globalization. The goal of this article is to form the concepts of the paradigm basis of modern political science studies, and on the subject field and the borders of political science. The subject of this study are the definitions and paradigms of the modern political science studies. It is shown that the definition of paradigm is the communicative basis of scientific work, and involves the usage of mental constructs of the perception of reality, forming the foundation of the scientific society's self-organization. The methodological basis of the research is a systemic, structural and functional, comparative political approaches, methods of analysis, synthesis, induction, deduction, observation. The article considers the system transformation of the geopolitical definitions, provides the definition for this transformation that is appropriate for modern realities. The author presents a system of geopolitical paradigms that reflects global political processes. The author also indicates the connection between the system of paradigms and the "wave" evolution theory of geopolitical thought. In conclusion of the study, the author formulates the most general paradigm of modern geopolitics.
Conflict Studies / nota bene, 2015-3
Karyakin V.V. - The problems of the Russian Political Science and their solutions


Abstract: The subject of study is the Russian political science at the present stage of its development. This article studies the current problems of Russian political science and its analytical support. The goal is to identify and specify the problems of the Russian political science at the present stage and to identify ways to address them. The article examines topical issues of Russian political science and analytic work. The methodological basis of the research is a systemic, structural and functional, comparative political approaches, methods of analysis, synthesis, induction, deduction, observation. The article shows that these problems connected with corporate affiliation of analytical centers that serve the corporate interests of their customers. The author draws a conclusion that for qualitative analysis and forecasting of the development of socio-political situation, we need a new research technology based on taking socio-political and international systems as nonlinear objects functioning in conditions of determinable chaos and high dynamics of social entropy. The work discusses an organizational approach for handling these problems taking into account foreign experience in this field.
Conflict Studies / nota bene, 2015-1
Karyakin V.V. - Civil War in the South-East of Ukraina The exherience scenario analysis and forecasting for regional military-political situation -


Abstract: This article is devoted to the acute problem that arises in Ukraine and around it, which creates new challenge and direct threats to national interests and security of RF. Scenery analysis of regional military-political environment on the basis of evolutionary simulation of international systems shows that it is a result of intentional western politics directed to transformation of Ukraine in its strategic springboard for pressing of Russia for the purpose transformation of Russia to the leading world power. At the same time on the world chessboard Ukraine remains small change in the hands of world actors in its struggle with Russia for global leadership. In case of Moscow victory in this conflict Russia will take a firm place on the world arena and add new geopolitical dimension to future multipolar world.
International relations, 2014-3
Karyakin V.V. -


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