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Publications of Volkova Ekaterina Georgievna
Philosophical Thought, 2015-5
Volkova E.G. - The phenomena of archaic culture in the concept of V. Propp (philosophical and cultural analysis) pp. 170-187


Abstract: The research object in this article is the scientific heritage of Russian folklorist, philologist, ethnographer Vladimir Propp in the context of his epoch. As the subject of the research are the ideas of this scientist associated with the various phenomena of archaic culture. Special attention is paid to the analysis of his scientific ideas about phenomena such as the archaic myth, the accompanying ritual practice and ascending to him genetically of works of folklore (especially magical folk tale). As the main methods selected philosophical and cultural analysis, the method of historical-philosophical reconstruction techniques including primary (when considering the sources) and secondary (with the involvement of various literature on the topic of study) of the study, method of comparative analysis to detect intelligent intersections of the basic ideas of the scientist with the ideas of the representatives of Western and Russian Humanities. The novelty of this research is that it is not only considered and analyzed with philosophical and cultural positions of the basic concepts of the archaic folklore of Propp, but a variant of the reconstruction of the concept of archaic myth, including analysis of the ideas of the scientist associated with the ontological status of myth, its epistemological function, social value.
Man and Culture, 2015-1
Volkova E.G. - On the Question of Linguistic Aspects of Intercultural Communication pp. 42-71


Abstract: The article is dedicated to one of the most topical issues in modern multicultural world. The epoch of late 20th- early 21st centuries is marked by growing processes of globalization, intercultural interaction, increasing the general level of social mobility of personality. Here we also have ideas of multiculturalism, tolerance, democracy, liberalism, human rights, denying absolute truth etc. that are tightly connected to the point. This radical historical and consequently philosophical turn needs to be thought over theoretically, methodologically and practically. This is why the problems of intercultural communication are topical, theoretically important and promising. Intercultural communication is a complex object and can be viewed in many aspects: socially, culturally, linguistically, psychologically, methodologically. The linguistic aspect, to which the article is dedicated, may be characterized as the integral line of the other aspects of these issues. Tight interconnection between intercultural and multilingual communication motivate addressing to issues of connection between language and culture of society using it as an instrument of communication. The author actualizes the issues of intercultural multilingual communication in broad field of interdisciplinary interaction, which helps not only to follow ideal and historical sources of intercultural multilingual communication, but to think over and estimate its present state, its role and importance for man and society and to draw up new prospects of its future evolution and new directions of social researches connected with it.
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