Genesis: Historical research
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Publications of Shitova Anastasiya Aleksandrovna
Genesis: Historical research, 2016-3
Shitova A.A. - Organizational growth of Komsomol as a way of antireligious propaganda and fight for the new society (based on the materials of North Caucasus Krai) pp. 205-233


Abstract: This article examines the formation, development, and change of the Soviet State youth policy in the late 1920’s associated with the antireligious struggle in the North Caucasus Krai. The foundation for this research became the materials of mass media, Russian State Archive of Sociopolitical History, Stavropol Krai State Archive of Contemporary History, published materials of partisan and Komsomol sessions and conferences, as well as the works of the modern scholars in this field. The author reviews Komsomol as a sociocultural phenomenon, determines the factors of its multi-directional influence upon the society, and attempts to generalize the positive and the negative experience. Based on the conducted analysis of the antireligious policy, the author formulates the following conclusion: due to the political events of the 1920’s, taking into consideration the local peculiarities and specific conditions of the North Caucasus Krai, one of the most efficient ways in the fight against religion alongside the political control over youth, became the mass involvement of the youth into formal social groups – voluntary communities, and especially Komsomol.  The involvement into such groups allowed distracting the youth from the traditional activities and religion by decreasing the portion of their free time; and what is most important, it allowed supervising their behavior through public efforts and obligatory communication within the framework of the organization.
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