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Monument and decoration design
Tsarinnyi I.V. - Attributes of the Krasnoyarsk school of sculptural art (on the example of creative work of A. E. Tkachuk) pp. 19-30


Abstract: The article signifies the historical prerequisites for the development of Krasnoyarsk school of sculptural art, as well as determines its main features. Based on the creative and pedagogical activity of Alexander Evgenyevich Tkachuk, as one of the leading pedagogues of the school, the article identifies his methodological orientations and creative approaches. The goal of this research lies in familiarization with the brief historical prerequisites for the establishment of Krasnoyarsk school of sculptural art; examination of the key methodological orientations and principles of teaching sculpture in Krasnoyarsk on the example of creative and pedagogical activity of Professor A. E. Tkachuk. The fact that Krasnoyarsk school as an independent phenomenon was not sufficiently studied substantiates the scientific novelty of this article. Krasnoyarsk school of sculptural art is characterized by the following attributes: gravitation towards integrity of composition and generalized interpretation of shape; expressivity of the silhouette, use of rhythm and graphic techniques, preservation of expressive modelling, step-by-step methodical work. This is a living phenomenon, continuous to evolve in the pedagogical sphere, and is passed on from the teacher to the student.
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