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Design and polygraphy
Koroleva A.Y., Abbasov I.B. - Illustration and design of the book by G.G. Marquez "Love in the Time of Cholera" pp. 14-29



Abstract: This work is devoted to the illustration and design of the book by Gabriel Garcia Marquez "Love in the Time of Cholera". A completely new original design of the book with picturesque emotional illustrations has been developed, which distinguishes it from its predecessors. The topics covered in it have always been and will always be relevant. The surreal bias of the illustrations, the nonЦstandard format of the book itself, the arrangement of the text block in two columns, the graphic element in the form of a "flying" parrot - all this improves the perception of the novel by the great Colombian writer. Within the framework of the project, symbolic, surreal illustrations, cover, design, layout of the book were created, the original layout was developed and a printed copy of the book was made. The object of the study is the design of the book, the subject of the study is the illustration and design of the book in the style of magical realism. This book will contribute to the creation of a "new look at familiar things" among readers through the graphic design of the book of the famous classic. Everything new attracts people, and design is interested in this, both from a commercial point of view and from a spiritual and cultural point of view. Classics are eternal, which means that the designer "product" produced will not have an expiration date, which increases the efficiency of its development, its expediency. Once sensational in literary society, Marquez's work "Love during the Plague" is no less valuable now. The topics covered in it have always been and will always be relevant.
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