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NB: Administrative Law and Administration Practice

Topical Issues of Creation of Ownership of Water Biological Resources Use Outcomes

Sidorov Sergei Aleksandrovich

Doctor of Politics

Associate Professor, Department of State and Law Disciplines, the Pasific Ocean State University

668022, Russia, Khabarovskii krai, g. Khabarovsk, ul. Lazo, 9, kv. 68

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Pinchuk Oleg Vladimirovich

temporarily unemployed

680022, Russia, g. Khabarovsk, ul. Serysheva, 123, of. 123

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The object of the study is water biological resources. Being the objects of wildlife, the water biological resources within the territory of the Russian Federation are considered to be government property. The Russian Federation controls the water biological resources by granting individuals and entities the rights to use them. The author pays special attention to the creation of individuals and entities' ownership of aquatic biological resources. What is more, granting the owner the right to cath of water biological resources by the government implies compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation in the sphere of fishing. The main methods of research are a general dialectical-materialistic method, general analysis, synthesis, as well as comparative and formal-legal methods. The main conclusions of the study are that the necessary conditions for the legitimate fishing of aquatic biological resources (fishing) by individuals and entities are, firstly, the performance of duties and upholding of restrictions mandatory in the process of implementation of specific activities within the specific type of fishing. Secondly, in case of establishment of the fact of violation of rules and requirements regulating the fishing, the subject of which is water biological resources, a judge, the state agent considering a case of an administrative offense is obliged to make the decision on uncompensated seizure of them and fish production made from them and return them to the lawful owner – the Russian Federation, or on destruction.

Keywords: infringement, water biological resources, judicial practice, border authorities, state sovereignty, economic interests, damage, fishing, catch, exclusive economic zone
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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