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NB: Administrative Law and Administration Practice

Road Safety Improving Factors in Modern Environment

Bylinin Igor' Aleksandrovich

Senior Researcher of the Department of Organisational Activity at Oryol Law Institute under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

302028, Russia, Orlovskaya oblast', g. Orel, ul. Ignatova, 2, kab. a-416

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The subject of the study is some peculiarities of road safety improving factors on roads in the modern state of development of the Russian Federation. The object of the study is the social relations emerging between the drivers as road users and State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate officers, implementing the propaganda of traffic security. The author of the article examined the peculiarities of road safety improving factors aimed at reducing the number of traffic accidents and the severity of consequences. The methodological base of the research includes the dialectic cognition method, fundamental premises of the scientific worldview, the system of philosophical ideas, functioning as the general method of obtaining the knowledge of reality. In the course of the study, such methods as rather-legal, exact-social, and statistic analysis were applied. The author suggested some concepts aimed at the strengthening of efforts affecting the accidence with the help of prevention and propaganda of road safety among road users. Peculiarities of road safety improving factors, proposed in the article, will allow State Automobile Inspectorate officers to affect road users more effectively. 

Keywords: transport discipline, traffic accidents, road user, road traffic, propaganda of security, road safety, car, prevention, driving culture, road
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

Deklaratsiya prav cheloveka i grazhdanina 1789 god;
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Antonov S.N., Federal'nyi gosudarstvennyi nadzor v oblasti bezopasnosti dorozhnogo dvizheniya: problemy normativnogo pravovogo regulirovaniya. Administrativnoe pravo i protsess, №1-2017, S. 25-30.
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